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All Time Low Lyrics
Forgive me I'm trying to find my calling, I'm calling at night, I don't mean to be a bother, but have you seen this girl?
Oh god I'm sick of sleeping alone
Right now could last forever, just as long as I'm with you
I'm gonna break down these walls I built around myself, I wanna fall so in love with you and no one else
I walk a fine line between the right and the real
You were fake, I was great, nothing personal
Without a doubt you're all I dream about
Give me therapy, I'm a walking travesty, but I'm smiling at everything. #ATL @LyricATL
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Long live the reckless and the brave, I don't think I wanna be saved, my song has not been sung - long live us
Give me therapy, I'm a walking travesty, but I'm smiling at everything
So let us live our lives without a doubt
I'm not coming back, I've done something so terrible, I'm terrified to speak but you'd expect that from me
A handful of moments I wish I could change, but I was carried away
I'm over you now, I'm at home in the clouds, towering over your head
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There's a story at the bottom of this bottle and I'm the pen
I know that there's a place for me somewhere out there
I've got no place in my heart for a criminal like you to dwell in
I'm so sick of watching while the minutes pass as I go nowhere
Before you ask which way to go remember where you've been
I want to fall so in love with you and no one else could ever mean half as much to me as you do now
Without a doubt, you're all I dream about
Hearts on fire tonight, feel my bones ignite, feels like war
Call me a name, kill me with words, forget about me it's what I deserve
I'm lost in empty pillow talk again
If these sheets were the states and you were miles away, I'd fold them end over end to bring you closer to me
She's out of control so beautiful, lost in stereo
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Don't waste your time on me
Even though she doesn't believe in love, he's determined to call her bluff
Long live the reckless and the brave
I don't sleep at all without you pressed up against me
You've got me poppin' champagne, I'm at it again caught up in the moment, but not in the right way
In a city of fools I was careful and cool, but they tore me apart like a hurricane
Manage me, I'm a mess
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Love yourself so no one has to
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Wendy, run away with me
Too much of you is never enough
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Dedication takes a lifetime, dreams only last for a night
Take a breath and let the rest come easy
Give me therapy, I'm a walking travesty, but I'm smiling at everything
Merry Christmas, kiss my ass
She's been running through my dreams, and it's driving me crazy it seems
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