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Dim &d Brood(Mig,Sof,Jus)Menez
#alaskanmalamute. 1 yo #gorgeous
#alaskanmalamute #pups #malamute #giant #largebreed #arcticdogs
One Taken yesterday (06/20), the other taken last January (01/06) #bullmastiff
A man of God values God's work. ptr mike #manhood
Pass on what you know, pass on who you are. #discipleship. - ptr mike
A man of God values God's Word. -ptr mike #manhood
A man of God values God's will. - ptr mike
Address needs. 1 Tim 5. - #manhood
Protect what is right.-ptr mike #manhood #leadership
Duties of a #man: to ensure #protection. (1 Cor 16) - ptr mike
Being #strong is about finding strength in God. ptr mike #manhood
Being #strong is about dependence on God, (not self-reliance). ptr mike
Being #strong is about not giving up. ptr mike.
Being #strong is about having courage to face the difficulties of life. (I Kings 2). - Ptr mike.
HCC worship message ongoing..."What it Takes to be a Man". ptr mike discusses passage rites to #manhood around the world...
My boy and his pet SimbA...and the couch mattress he shred to pieces :) yup, bits are concealed under that mat :) #bullmastiff
Sin is sin, there's no way around that. ptr mike/ HCC worship message
You can't take a Biblical stand or principle and change it in order to agree with world views & standards.What is wrong will always be wrong
Christ must be the aim of life. Meyer
To turn from evil is to deal with sin around you when you are in a position to do so. ptr mike
To turn from evil is to remove yourself from an environment that doesn't help you live a pure life. ptr mike
It's hard to recognize the blessings of life if you lack contentment.ptr mike
we should not miss the mighty blessing which is within the reach of every troubled soul.odw
Fix my heart, O Lord, on You...odw
We often forget that what seems to be a disaster is really the seed of a joyous harvesting. oDW
To him that loves, nothing is difficult, nothing is impossible. ODW
It is not enough to avoid doing wrong. Our Master demands that we should always do and be what is right.meyer
In every situation, God, is GOD.
Christ is in me; let me make room for Him to dwell....meyer
Feed on God's faithfulness... Psalm 37
To Surrender is to allow God to change your plans, to do what He wants with your plans.
To delight self in God is to know who God really is in your life...
When you are fully surrendered to God, your desires will be attuned to His and they will be granted...ptr mike
When you trust God, you keep doing what you need to do...ptr mike
To trust in God is to take confidence in Him, to be bold in Him...ptr mike
We tend to compare ourselves with the wrong people... Hcc worship message. ptr mike
It's beyond amazing what God can do through a nobody....
God has already planned the best direction for your life, ask Him to lead you there. ptr mike
Pursue God's guidance...
Allow God to change things and let yourself be attuned to HIS Desires. ptr. Mike/worship message...
"If I should get lost in the perplexities and duties of life, search me out and bring me back into the quiet of Your presence"-meyer
Sometimes i just don't get him.... #weird #bully #bullmastiff #instadogs #instapets
It is importanT to make a point when you are right and when it is needed.It is also important to make a difference./B. Tom Denison/repost
"Never, never, never quit."
Somebody's tirrrrredddd.... #bullmastiff #bully #mastiff
Nothing( and noone) earthly can fully and continually satisfy you. Seek in God what you can never find anywhere else.A.T.
Wasnt aware that these #greens were growing in our home till our boy took a photo and asked me about it. #bittergourd #vegetables #veggies
Hmmm... #ceramic #burr #coffeegrinder that allows for adjustable coarse or fine grind of #coffeebeans and doesn't pass odors? #cuissential #coffee

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