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The righteous who walks in his integrity- blessed are his children after him. Proveebs 20
A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion. Proverbs 18:2
With God's Word ingrained in your life, you get on the right track faster, realizing his desires for your life,& the answers to your prayers
The abiding christian finds his desires changing and re-aligning themselves with what God desires for him. ptr mike
Just because you get what you want doesn't mean it's what God wants for your life, especially if you forced things to happen...ptr mike
Just because society agrees with you doesn't mean it's right. ptr mike
Often, we feel we know what's best for us, and we doubt or challenge God's wisdom on matters.
God requires that we be raised to a level of fruitfulness so that He could bless us, and He actively helps us get there...ptr. mike
Genuine fruitfulness requires intimacy with God...
Intimacy with God is key to an abundant, fruitful life. ptr. mike
A fruitful life is doing all the good you can in your christian walk.
God prunes us, taking out UNnecessary things that clutter and hold us back from living a fruitful life. pastor mike
Vinedressers constantly work in the vineyard, tending to branches, causing each to become more fruitful. John15.
For vinedressers, EVERY branch is precious...
God desires our fruitfulness and He helps us become fruitful. pastor mike/ Hcc worship message
Couple shed 280 pounds and get noticed for the right reasons…
There is nothing more joyful than being in God's will. pol g./hccss
Dishonesty is wrong...
Biblical community is christians 'spurring' one another to love and good works.
Christians should be involved in community. Seek to be mentored by somebody, then, be a mentor to somebody.
when what we want differs from what Christ wants, we lose peace.
When we take control of life and situations OURSELVES, we begin to lose God's peace.
The peace of Christ 'rules' in our lives, letting us know whether we're walking correctly or not. /hccss
There is perfect peace when our mind is stayed on God. Isaiah 26:3