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With my favorite girl...
Little guy keeps me company as i perk myself up with #cappuccino brew, canadian style :)
What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet loses out in the Christian life...
Persist in the things you desire to do FOR God.
Our confidence ought to be founded ON GOD and on what He does in our lives.
Caution: A sincere commitment is always followed by a period of serious hindrances. Worship msg/p mike
Be cautious of oppositions to your commitment to God. Hcc worship/ptr mike
Caution: Blessedness can DULL our keen sense of dependence on God.-hcc worship/ptr mike
God faithfully helps us overcome. Hcc worship/ ptr mike
"God KNOWS you can deal with it."
Every temptation CAN BE overcome. 1cor 10:31
Praying helps you deal with temptations.
When you make a decision for God, it will be tested.
Pray for protection against anything that may cause sin. Hcc worship/ ptr mike
Tests are to be embraced, temptations are to be resisted.
We need to pray for protection from being SHAPED by the evils that may come. Hcc worship/ ptr mike
"Keep me from anything that will mold me into something You do not desire for me." -Jabez.
We can rise above situations and REMAIN faithful.
Namomroblema n si kuya sa kakulitan nung third player s gilid...hehehe...
Fill your mind with Christ. - Pol G/ hccss
In the christian life, we just need to enjoy Christ and being with Him. Hccss/ Pol g
We can be who God designed us to be. We must stop making excuses. Hccss
Remember who you are in Christ, and who He is to you. Hccss
It is not "i can't" but "i can through Him" hccss
Remember who we are before we pray, remember who Christ is in our life as we pray.
Thankfulness breathes new life into your prayer life. Hccss
Ask (and know) what God is up to. Hccss
The true christian knows that life won't be lived on his own terms.
God honors Spirit-empowered prayer. Hccss
Pray at all times and do not lose heart. - Jesus. Luke 18
We cannot rely on ourselves to do the things that only Christ can do through us. Hccss
We CAN devote ourselves to prayer.
Embrace all that God has for you in this Christian life... Hccss
How can Christ's spirit in me engage God in meaningful prayer? Hccss
God delights in the right kind of prayers, prayers attuned to His will. ptr mike, worship message
We are to experience God on a daily basis.
It is wrong to think that you miss out on life when you commit your life to God, the truth is, you miss out when you DON'T.
Be committed to the tasks God has given you.
Be ready for lifechange. ptr mike, worship message
Recognize that God is at work in your life, and sense how.
God empowers us to accomplish more for His glory. ptr mike, worship message
God will bring everything to justice and restore everything to true righteousness and fairness...
God wants to use us to bring people to a point of recognizing who HE REALLY is. ptr mike, worship message
In all your plans, seek His will...
When God uses you, He provides you with guidance and direction. Be sensitive. ptr mike, worship message
God's plan for us always has his hand of protection and deliverance upon us