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pup loves his morning sun :)
Don't get lost in the rush... #Christmas
Hunter Enjoyin a little bit of warmth after a wet night...
I dunno if it's a #Malamute trying out his camouflage-ing skills or just plainly trying to hide from the sunrays...
#Bullmastiff won't be bothered
Sincere generosity causes people to thank and glorify God.
Stay grateful in all circumstances.
It's difficult to be #grateful when you view blessings ( and good things that come to you) as entitlements. message notes
2 Cor 9:7- a cheerful giver is a willing giver, he is a 'planned' giver.
Your choices in life show who you value more, God or yourself. ptr mike
Self-centeredness keeps you from being generous.
Discontent keeps you from being generous. ptr mike
Ingratitude keeps you from being generous.
He who learns to be #generous discovers that he feels more blessed whenever he gives than when he receives. /ptr mike, hcc worship message
The Legaspi Family invites you to share your time to collect toys & books for #MaagaAngPasko!
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"When i take a look back at the things that have past, every blessing i've known came from Your glorious throne..." #grateful
HCC worship ongoing. Excited to hear from the kids in a while :) havin' a merry #Christmas season!
Reminded once again to always look up and recognize the #ONE
Sometimes we think we need so much to live, when in Christ we can do so much with so little!
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"A friend is someone with whom you dare to be yourself." - Frank Crane
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#Christ came,& with that,hope & reason for the sinful, condemned man to live,to really live,& to live abundantly…
A primary truth man forgets- #Christ came, and with that, hope and reason for the sinful and condemned man to live, to really live, and to live abundantly… #Christmas
Amazon will now let you haggle down the price on some items
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#todayinhistory • 1898: The Treaty of Paris, which ceded the Philippines to the U.S. for $20 million, was signed.
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Behind every wasted life is a wrong concept of life's worth and purpose. #tozer
The Spirit-illuminated man knows the true value of things & knows it is vain to devote his life to something that has no spiritual value
#quotes,#christian ,#BlaisePascal
As typhoon Ruby makes landfall, please have these flood safety tips in mind. Be safe everyone #RubyPH
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PLEASE RT: Sommer Wickham, 15, went missing in Elkhorn Thursday night.
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Public storm warning signals are still raised over several areas as #RubyPH further weakens
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God has a #purpose for putting you in a certain place. If God has put you 'here', don't look elsewhere. HCCSS
When was the last time you cried for an unbeliever?...
It is wrong to just stay on the safe side of Christianity especially when there is a call to move forward or make a stand.
It is wrong to just be complacent in the christian life. Ptr. Marlon
Those who sincerely desire to become vessels for God's honor will strive to live out the Truths of God's Word. Ptr. Marlon
Discipline is a must if a christian is to be consistent in his walk with the Lord. Ptr. Marlon Albo / HCC worship message ongoing
#TyphoonHagupit downgraded from Super Typhoon, but residents of Philippines still warned storm could be deadly.
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The shallow christian is willing but only if it's convenient. p2m