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Luyene Selina
What a long weekend... to study
The thought of waking up early already sickens me
3 hour break tomorrow hmm what to do
Can't even move my arms properly without it hurting wtf i hate bruises 😞
i'm so nervous oh no
Finally played volleyball today after so long!! @isachotraniii
i know this is very generic & overstated, but waking up to a simple "good morning" text from someone you like is nothing short of the best
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fdp, theo make up class and nstp tomorrow ahhh 💣💣
There's a million words hiding in my silence
Happy birthday to Riley's one and only @itsAlixson 😂 I love and miss you so much weirdo, hope to see you soon alix!
Lost stars by adam levine makes me so emotional 😢
Wishing you a very happy birthday @anyaelumba! Enjoy 💜
Movies and magazines filling our heads with dreams
if you are lucky enough to find a weirdo never let them go
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the amount of times i laugh at my own texts
a very unproductive weekend
play with my hair not my feelings
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I hate being the only person who can see the evilness in someone. It's like I'm in a cliché teenage movie.
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Why do i always laugh at inappropriate times
some people are so self-absorbed, it sickens me