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be the mozart to her classical world and she'll be the beethoven revolutionizing your universe
intp: find the person with the same wavelength and you're going to attach yourself to him
scabs on your wounded heart because you need something to remove before you can say that the mark of pain has healed
she's the girl who loved surprises and fell for a man full of unexpected twists
i'll let the roads tell you of the world i left behind
sometimes, i feel like im staring at a 3d painting
the artist just keeps on dying whenever he paints a sad masterpiece yet all they can say are words about the appearance of the work
she'll be the smiling girl in the portrait and the crying artist behind it
the sticks and the stones that you used to throw have built me an empire @Vevo
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there is more certainty in having you leave than stay
for such a powerful voice, im nothing but a falsetto
they knew that she was fragile yet they still didn't handle her with care
one hi and i went to self-destruct mode
i tried to write a poem for you but then i realized that i have no more blood to bleed
trying to get out of your ribcage because i want to be with someone; that's why im beating the heck out of you —heart
taking personality tests as if they could tell me who I am as a person
your silence is an omen of my world shattering into pieces
envenomed by the eyes that lied about having a world full of wonders in them
im a ghost and not everyone is fond of ghost hunting
"it's all in your head," they said.
"8888: naku, malapit nang mag-expire ang iyong..." maka-naku naman, mas affected pa eh gusto lang naman i-extend 😒
i'll remind myself not to cross the line, i'll remind myself of my rightful place this time
self-portrait // but i accidentally made her thin
she's the girl of silence until he found a way to tickle her heart
listen to Roger Rabbit by Sleeping with Sirens
in a story, im the person with poor character development
i'll pull you back to me before i push you away and leave you be
he gave her a locket and asked her to put a picture of her, not him, inside so that she'd have a reminder that she should love herself
butterflies inside the stomach became little feet and those little feet would abandon their home someday
you have batteries yet they are nothing but pressure
we both turned our backs from each other, but we ended up realizing that we're inside a room full of mirrors
bleh Drown (Bring Me the Horizon)(Acoustic Cover)… on #SoundCloud
peter pan, take me away because i dont want to be here anymore
let me be honest for a while
i used to be a happy kid, y'know
maybe, just maybe, if i were slim, they might respect me
wish they'd fucking shut up about my weight, i already feel bad about it, i just want to cry rn and starve myself smh
i took smiling lessons from the cheshire cat, but he gave up on me and just disappeared
not pretty enough, not fit enough, not smart enough, not good enough, never enough
the only thing im excited for in august is the showing of Attack on Titan tbh
the screen and digital letters are hiding raw emotions; i never know what the person might have erased and could have really said
happy birthday to mah shoujo manga buddy @Reycelleee
im a person fueled by unnecessary emotions
Welcome to my dungeon where escape is difficult and darkness swallows everything. To catch a glimpse of light is the greatest miracle here.
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Welcome to my neverland where a part of me will never age and eternal youth is gained by the side that refuses to lose its innocence.
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welcome to my rabbit hole where fascination, fear and frustration are introductions to the world unknown
your mind is the board of justification and justice
"every now and again, we get the feeling; and the great big void inside us opens up"
you made me vandalize my face with tears
im just a draft compared to a published book like you

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