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was alcohol an ocean you chose to drown in?
the sky's so pretty even if it looks so sad; why do sad things look so beautiful?
"it's not a state of mind, though; your head's just in a state"
i wonder what it's like to walk past faceless people
so im alive again
i want to break up with my mind
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kung masaya ka ngayon, sigurado ka bang masaya ka pa din bukas?
he won't go punk goes pop just for you
you'd paint a picture just to watch me run out of colors
death cab for cutie kind of night
the best poem consists of the last name and the last words you'll say or think of before wandering off to heaven
the art of losing everything
the rabbit hole has developed a taste for humans
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she's the void that he talks about
you only care about literature once it's about love
why must an ocean be deep enough to scare people away from saving the drowning human?
tracing messages on your wrist because I have things to tell your pulse
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im so full of fears and insecurities
if a person with low self-esteem took a personality test, how accurate would his result be
my views are as distorted as ever
then it came to me that i was actually a fallen angel and was trying to go back; my pride ripped my wings off and now i'm filled with regret
i used to think that the world's actually hell, but when i met you, i was confused as to how you could make it seem like heaven
the moon will climb the sky at night and grace the darkness fought by stars to remind her of the time that she used to be in his arms
i sometimes wonder why people with disorders or disabilities get to be made fun of
but if i sleep now, i would've murdered my today just for my tomorrow
he knew that she was gonna get broken, he just wanted to know how fragile she really was
looked at the mirror and saw a lonely and helpless ghost, but then i realized that it was just my reflection
you'd close your eyes every time you pray or wish because sincerity is found in the darkness
spilled my ink just to let you see how dark my blood is
you are the truth that i am willing to know but will somehow regret later on
the world weighs more than a corpse
but never is he able to un-love her because she's the only illusionist for him
there are times when he loves her too much and times when he loves her less than before
sometimes, he'd even stare and freeze just to find out that she's nothing but the sea
there are times when he looks at her and sees an ocean full of grace
but what if the universe is actually the body of one being and we are nothing but its somatic cells?
if you still know why you're sad, be a bit thankful because some people are too tortured on being sad without any reason at all
even the sky mourns for the loss of the moon
my life is the poem i started writing with words of fascination; right now, i'm struggling to continue writing its verses
if snow white knew that the apple was poisoned, would she still take it just for the sake of not humiliating the old lady through rejection?
i'll die someday, maybe not now, but someday i will
wanted: a beating heart that can make me feel alive bc my heart has stopped beating already
sometimes, i'd wake up and wish i hadn't woken up

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