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no longer can he remember the face of the girl who was once the subject of his works
that's you whenever you decide to do something for the sake of others even if you prefer something else
because of that, she couldn't treasure it that much; if it had been a diamond, she would've taken care of it really well
asked to choose between a copper and a diamond, she chose copper bc it wasnt appreciated by others, but what she really wanted was a diamond
and when he stared into her eyes, he was so attracted that he could have been petrified if she were medusa
he caused her pain, but that was to know how long she could last with him
and so came the prince who swept her off her feet and lied about her safety to have her trust him fully
did i paint you with wrong thoughts
seasons change and so does my writing
tbh, i find it really weird that people, whom i don't even know in real life, find me interesting
"head in the clouds, but my gravity centered"
👀 i swear that i should stop sharing my opinions
there's a story that his eyes are trying to tell her, and that's a story of how they're meant to be with each other
"you dont know how lovely you are"
you know, you're allowed to question authority
"we too Christian" i refuse to be controlled by my religion
you are the wing of my eyeliner and i will never ever be able to get you right
if you like someone just because of his appearance, marry a portrait
he's the cold breeze tickling her skin
he gave her a flower, she gave him a dagger
some girls exist to make me question my sexuality 😔
he chose a clock instead of an hourglass because he needed to hear the ticking to remind him of the time he was losing
the illusion has been undone and the magician is no more; i'm the reality you've let go of and i'm ready to have you back
different phases for different faces
open up the skies, im flying back to heaven
and the colors embraced her bare skin
my words are nothing but things you flush
give me a rose and paint it black because even things stained by darkness can become beautiful
and rain is the connection the land and the heavens have
her mind loved him more than her heart ever did
you gave me clues to find you, but im not a detective
he's the salvation she never had
you're like a t. rex; you have a big head for your dreams, but your arms are too small that you can't even reach them
he's a candle, you see; once his flame is gone, he'll search for another matchstick to light him up
once upon a time, there was no time at all
"if my soul was torn, would you help?"
a tear fell; that tear became a lake and that lake became an ocean that drowned me.
did cinderella marry the prince because of love or did she just have an acceptable reason to leave her family for good
"you" is stripped down to "u" just because of a character limit
do you know what's scary about taking a good photo of yourself? thinking that someone's going to say that you don't look like that at all.
@lureendscallin definitely would make a cute couple 💕
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you gave me hope just to make me die and in that death did i become more alive
before she even knew it, she'd already chained herself to him, and now, she's trying to be free
for someone sinister enough, you sure have an angelic voice
she's the temptation that makes him want to sin
it's scary not to know who to run to and what song to listen to just to save yourself at the moment
Don't feel superior just because you go to church, it doesn't make you a Christian.
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where there is light, there is a shadow; where there is darkness, there is only darkness

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