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When someone says your zipper is down
Retweeted by luke
"Aye Austin you think this Viagra is workin yet?" - @RodgersM12
Retweeted by luke
When you're Fifth Harmony AF ... #5hAF (w/ @chadjaxonperez) (Vine by @RealBigNik)
Omg must Follow and Favorite @ChukMorka @ChukMorka he's so hilarious😂@ChukMorkaa@chukk... (Vine by @MorkaChuk)
When your mom's being a dick (Vine by @iLUhYuhBae)
#FreshmanAdvice Don't take advice from sophomores...their class is full of thots.
Retweeted by luke
If people think you're a hoe, just accept it. You're probably a hoe #FreshmanAdvice
Retweeted by luke
😭😂😂😂😂😂 (
When You Think The Robber Is Tryin To Turn Up But He Actually Has A Stuttering Prob... (Vine by @2GuysNoLives)
Niggas got way too much time on their hands
Retweeted by luke
Freedom is when you poop with the door open
I guess you can say its official 😳#Furious88a
Retweeted by luke
I swear this guy did😂�Ek
Hundreds of fans committed suicide after one member left One Direction. He called it a "tragedy", I call it "natural selection".
Retweeted by luke
Hardly stay awake while coming home, just great
daddy letting me go to arctic man😎
I don't care what anybody has to say Patrick is still a good person to me
Retweeted by luke
All 6 being charged as adults for charges of a class A felony and held without bail.
@K1ngBrandon15 @nkeys21 @gollmann554 you don't need the whole story to make the statement of them being fucking stupid
Retweeted by luke
Stupid idea of them doing an armed robbery, you do the crime you do the time
Expert rail jam. 1. Austin Cox. 2. Brandon G. 3. Brandon Reason. Intermediate 1. Kaleb McCarter 2.Morgan (ginger) 3.Logan Curtis.
Retweeted by luke
Whole family is going to shit, my dog is dying, grandmas has ALS, now my dad has diabetes
This nigga next to me is wearing cut finger gloves and black nail polish...
Trey is such a damn copycat
If all you say is "swag" all the time then I automatically hate you
1996 Badass Of The Year award goes to...
Retweeted by luke
Just witnessed a robbery here now cops on their way to question me just great
Hell yeah! Finally scuba certified. Those coral reefs today were amazing😍
Well I went scuba diving in the ocean today😎 except I got fucking burnt😑😑
@Lawdoglawless oh, sorry, you mean that sport you don't play?😤 lmao I joke
Retweeted by luke
@Fact: Bubble wrap was originally designed to be used as wallpaper.” So you get baked alive? Well damn...
@WhatTheFFacts: A colonoscopy can ignite gases in your bowels, causing fatal explosions.”good thing mine was a "ureteroscopy" 👌
Bout to turn down on this bitch
Still have another flight after Honolulu😑 going to be long but can't wait!�1x
If the pain doesn't dissipate by Sunday, scuba diving gonna suck
guess a nap wouldnt hurt 😴
Retweeted by luke
When ur little brothers got the aux cord..
Retweeted by luke
Nigga wants me to do jobs while I'm in hawaii haha fuck that I'm on vacation not a trip for a job

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