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Luke Ferree
To my new friend, @robbievicencio , who poses in front of cool walls with me (despite my awkwardness hahaha) and has the best stories. I encourage everyone to experience New York and the world through his eyes. It was such a pleasure to meet you, @robbievicencio!
@CassidyBall: A much needed 2 hours 😄@lukeF122” indeed ❤️
Cappuccino + studying with @eliannagrace & Hannah ☕️
Good morning, everyone! ☀️ #latergram
Everyone, @12knsmith wanted me to tweet this on her behalf so we can all be jealous together.
"Cities have sexes: London is a man, Paris a woman, and New York a well-adjusted transsexual." — Angela Carter
#ParkedBikesOfTheWorld 🚲 @nei.cruz
Uno non può pensare bene, amare bene, dormire bene, se non ha mangiato bene. — Virginia Woolf
I'm going to write an autobiography titled "ConLaw student: Broke and Tired... But Caffeinated and Constitutionally Literate."
A clip of me studying for the ConLaw midterm:
Six-year-old at Starbucks is shouting about how Starbucks is at fault for his problems. In time he'll realize it's the solution...
Elianna and I are exploring the city's cafes to keep ourselves motivated for ConLaw. 🙌
A veces no estoy bien, pero sonrío.
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*gets into shower wrapped in blankets*
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sometimes I forget people care about things other than Beyoncé
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Midterms week 😖 ConLaw, I'm coming for that 💯
To be forgotten by someone whom you can't forget, that is one of the worst feelings ever.
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winning the pumpkin carving game forever. seen in williamsburg this weekend.
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My body is so predictable. I get sick four times a year: midterms week, finals week, midterms week, and finals week.
It's not midterms week unless I'm getting sick... 😒
Wandering the East Village 📷: @jc11s 3:11 AM 🕒
Te he amado por mil años y te amaré por mil años más
This is what ConLaw does to us...
@lukeF12: I started spelling McCulloch (of McCulloch v. Maryland) like McCollough 🆘@channy_rosss” that is monumental for you#illuminatii
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I started spelling McCulloch (of McCulloch v. Maryland) like McCollough 🆘@channy_rosss
He asked how to spell my name... And it still took three tries... 😂�
Central Park 🎷
I'm going to IKEA. Please pray for me and my children and my children's children, for IKEA trauma lasts generations.
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Interróguese diariamente ¿Soy honesto conmigo mismo? #life #vida
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Good morning! ☀️
@jaefromvine: People make time for what they want. If it means something to them, you'll know.⌚️”
When people ask questions after I present something...
But instead you're sitting all alone in your New York apartment that you pay $1000/month for a room the size of a bathroom in the suburbs.
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Do you ever have moments where you're just like "LIFE IS DAMN HARD I NEED TO BE NAKED ON A BEACH EATING COTTON CANDY AND A DONUT"
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The thought of giving this presentation has me all 😖😩😅🙈🙊🏃🏃🏃
Some woman just shouted "DO I HEAR THE VOICE OF JESUS?!" when the barista called out her name and Starbucks order.... 😂😩😭😂🙈
Anna and Grace @bradleytheodore 👑
Rare photo of Mona Lisa & Jay Z posing in front of "The Beyoncé"
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