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Luke Brooks
*spends over an hour editing a picture of beau* *shows beau the picture* Beau: ahh nah I don't like my face
Disneyworld ❤️ follow my other account @lukepov for more of my other photos
Come see us today Orlando! The Beacham Theater! Tickets available here!  Or get them at the box office!
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#2YearsOfSetThisWorldOnFire Awww we're still working on that by the way, it's hard trying to set the WHOLE world on fire
Only if we have sex first? @JaiBrooks1
Follow @ShopDirtyPig and I'll follow you all, tweet me done so I know!
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Orlando! Tickets for tomorrow's show at a The Beacham Theater are available here! See you soon!!
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we made it... we're professionals now!Obmleab
how I take all my photos 😏
Check us out in the October issue of @TeenVogue!:
this is how we roll in miamiiii!6jileab
Ft Lauderdale, Jai and I will be at Revolution venue (100 SW 3rd Ave, Ft Lauderdale, FL) personally selling tickets! 4pm on sept 18th!
So cool to be in @TeenVogue !! Hope ya like my yellow shirt hahahaha
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filming an edgy public video today on our day off
Please open up your hearts in time of need in support for my close friend and NBA player @bogans_keith.…
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I'm so happy I'm not at picky eater, I'll literally eat anything yay for me
jano skin atoms ...
Help us out and #Retweet! We know you can do it! Get us to 22,222 followers!!! #DanielsHoodie #ShopDirtyPig
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my phone case is the best ok
wifi on the plane!! Enjoy this selfie from 30,000 ft in the air 😏 excuse the Jetlag
then call me don't tweet me idiot lol @James_Yammouni
I cut this into a singlet... why am I not a fashion designer?
yeah because james going to jail isn't as serious as this @JaiBrooks1
Haha our fanbase is so horny 😂😂
Other fandoms when their idol get arrested:"RELEASE THEM😭" *Janoskianators when boys get arrested*
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We're the only fandom that would laugh at the thought our idols getting arrested 😂 #FREETHEJANOSKIANSS
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what is even going on lmao
The tour is officially finished in Europe! America you're next, you defs don't want to miss out,
1 million views under a week!! Thanks so much guys we love you!!…
Oh and beau vomited as well, yeah buddy
Hahaha JamYamm vomited on stage tonight, good effort
Wow thank you so much @jano4lifexoxo it's huge!!!! (that's what she said😏)
my hair is full of secrets again... In Norway (:
I'd probably kill Jai for some Starbucks right now
stay sassy... spirit fingers