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Luke Brooks
@luke_brooks @JaiBrooks1 true aha, it was yesterday we were in the ERC screaming over 10k views on awkward trains part 1 #timefliesaye
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still a part of the history ļæ½@andrewwtheoo@JaiBrooks11
love when old people call me sweetheart, they're literally sweethearts ā¤ļø
thinking and reflecting... what are you thinking about? I was thinking about what I can do better to conquer the pussy, always room for improving yourself as a person
@luke_brooks are you enjoying making us all happy today? :)
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I leave for 3 minutes and you all lose your shit... what are you going to do when I'm gone for 5 minutes one day!?
holy fuck your room is a janotemple satanic worshipping bundle of joy <3 @kissjanos_
f stands for FUCKINGOUTSTANDING @judgingluke
I don't see how that benefits either of us? @fadedluke
I don't trust hairdressers, or hairlawnmowers whatever the fuck they do @rainBEAUdrops
don't cry over this, cry over the fact that the wildcats won and troy got his bitch @lukemyhabibi
hey gurl it's the tour life that's getting the best of me do you think I wanted this? you don't know my story ttyl @CRINGELUKE
still can't believe Daniel wore a unicorn onesie with pink piggy slippers out in the city of Detroit, he's begging for a slap on the bottom
me being a kinky tiger slut in my pajamas whilst maintaining dat ass grab roarrr
Hey there Dallas šŸ‘Œ
amazeballs šŸ‘Œ
I laughed for a good 23 seconds then I stopped then I laughed a bit longer then I giggled now I'm calm @luke_brooks
Candid shots arghhh who took this pic!? šŸ˜‚
Love the new designs Jai they look even better on the clothing
wooahhh you're hot, I'd give you the most disappointing 30 seconds of your life šŸ˜
I've been uploading a shit ton of photos on the janoskians Instagram... go follow it for clear HQ photos @janoskians šŸ˜œ
Not wearing pants and the show has literally started!U8Zmeab
Dallas! Don't miss The Janoskians on October 19th--Get your tickets atā€¦
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I love when old people call iPhones telephones šŸ˜Š
this made me laugh hard, that's actually my Nonna šŸ˜‚
I know I need to shave real bad but #tourlife who cares ey šŸ˜œ just did a 15 hour bus
If I had never seen Daniels feet id imagine they look like this
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Would you like a cookie? šŸŖ
@luke_brooks thanks for the follow man ! means a lot x
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'make me feel like the only one'
goodnight guys love and cuddles to all xx ā¤ļø
Thanks so much and sorry to everyone who got soaked waiting in the rain for us, love you guys ā¤ļø love when you guys are wet šŸ˜œ
hello hello šŸ˜Š
Always overwhelmed by your commitment and support, thanks soooo much, honestly ā¤ļøā¤ļø
so that's what happened to my father..
James likes to play with his food!AfImeab
Damnnnn New York night two was insane !!! A big thank you to everyone who attended!