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Luke Brooks
This chick did her nails for us yesterday, love it!
Lmao I still have no idea why you're there or what you're doing, I just see you on a panel all suited up looking like men @James_Yammouni
I gets draining and boring after 4 years but it's for the fans and for you boys ❤️ @BrooksBeau
.@luke_brooks love you bro. Thanks for always editing our videos. I don't say it much but your the bestest xxxx
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a girl with morals is definitely more appealing to me
Beau waxes his chest then realizing he has no chest hair to wax!yfZleab
Thank the world for Matt Corby
Give the new video a thumbs up on YouTube and leave your Twitter name in the comments for a follow, we'll be checking 😜
go watch janoskians new vide for big laughts #JanoskiansNewVideo 💘💘 ily guys x2
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RT my last tweet for a follow or tweet the link! #JanoskiansNewVideo
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Favorite part of the new video?
Also who wants me to tell Luke to do a follow spree??
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New video is coming out today (:
Took photos of the boys, have a look at them by clicking the link in my bio. (:
Some photos I took of the boys (HD) yay
phone calls from my Nonna are the best, always when I need them most she calls
When hotels make tomato soup 😍😍
people are never happy with what they already have, rather, they always want more. This includes myself, so it's good to stop and appreciate
you would be such a nice person if you weren't such an asshole (:
Update on the new video; we have a day off tomorrow so hopefully James can film his parts then. If not, we'll upload it regardless
Chicago is one of my favorites
Goodnight! So tired need to sleep ❤️
Beau is a bird?? Right before our show (: warming up, not vocally but physically
Really looking forward to New York!!
So I've gathered that many teenage girls want their asses sucked
I'm not an indi I'm an individual guys geez
Seriosuly such a mad song, proud bro ❤️ Shaggy Mohombi Faydee Costi - Habibi (I need Your love) - Official Video
Jai and I have gotten pretty big headed lately, sorry guys
Got some special guests at our LA show, come down gonna be crazy!! #janoskiansLAshow…
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Always wanted to go to Detroit, now I'm here yayyyyy (:
Why do pimples think they have the right to just grow on my face fuck off
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(quality reduced after uploaded to Twitter) @luke_brooks
Funniest thing I've seen in a while
I love you guys ❤️
London Calling!: See What Life Is Really Like On The Road (more tour photos for ya :)
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On the tour bus just drove past all the Louisville stadiums and campuses (: