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Luke Glover
Had some fun this arvo πŸ“·: @xrubinx @rmphotographi #thebillabongdaily
Surfboarding πŸ“·: @xrubinx @rmphotographi #thebillabongdaily
Wonder if I can still do this with my broken toe an finger?ΒΏ? #thebillabongdaily πŸ“·: @xrubinx @rmphotographi
Had fun the other day πŸ“·: @xrubinx @rmphotographi #thebillabongdaily @billabong_australia @electric_oz @fcs_surf @gorilla_surf @dickysurf @mayhemb3_mattbiolos
Had fun this arvπŸ“·: @xrubinx @rmphotographi #thebillabongdaily @billabong_australia @fcs_surf @gorilla_surf @mayhemb3_mattbiolos @electric_oz @dickysurf
Ann's was fun on the weekend thanks for all the pics @rmphotographi #thebillabongdaily
D-bar πŸ“·: @ozsurfpics #thebillabongdaily
So stoked to win my round 1 heat #occygromcomp and I'd like to thank @billabong_australia @bowie_ for the awesome new zipless wetsuit and @mayhemb3_mattbiolos @sashstocker for the awesome new boards. @fcs_surf @gorilla_surf for the sweet tail pad and Thanks to the guys at @coolysurf
Looking forward to playing next week ready for #StateOfOrigin go QLD
Super stoked on the 3rd place yesterday at the Volcom VQS sunny coast congrats to @hinataaiz on the win and @keanumiller and @maccoyhassett
Make sure you get into @dickysurf tomorrow between 10.30-12.30 or @alexsurfshop between 1-3pm to meet Darren Handley from @dhdsurf and you'll get $100 off all DHD boards- see you there
Just watched the unity opens flog in the finals ready for state of origin go maroons
Fun night fishing @dazzbomb #thebillabongdaily
Hoping for this tomorrow #thebillabongdaily πŸ“·: @ross245
Surfs pumping #thebillabongdaily πŸ“·: @ross245
Happy Mother's Day #thebillabongdaily πŸ“·: @ross245
Had some great waves today #thebillabongdaily pic: @ross245
School footy team flogs
Fire time πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ @silkysurf #thebillabongdaily
Throw back to Pa & Ma Bendall It was a really fun comp @windansea_surfclub #thebillabongdaily πŸ“·: @rmphotographi
Loving my new v2 @mayhemb3_mattbiolos @lost9193 board with the @fcs_surf 2 performer fins the boards go sick
So stoked to come 4th in the oz grom cup at Coffs Harbour great comp #thebillabongdaily
Throw back to west oz funnest comp ever #billabongdaily
Go and check out opc hit room opening day today I'm really enjoying training there thanks heaps @opcsurf
So stoked to pick up my new @mayhemb3_mattbiolos @lost9193 boards from @dickysurf #thebillabongdaily @sashstocker
So stoked to win the U\18 and make the semis for open men at the Agnes water comp #hifagneswatersurfingfestival
Snap. #thebillabongdaily
Not scared of sharks anymore now that I understand why they swim towards me
Getting ready for my heat #thebillabongdaily #foxgromshootout
Crayfishing:πŸ“· @da_tottie23 #thebillabongdaily
Slob #thebillabongdaily @billabong_australia @electric_oz @fcs_surf @gorilla_surf @dickysurf @opcsurf
Fun ones #thebillabongdaily @billabong_australia @electric_oz @fcs_surf @gorilla_surf @dickysurf @opcsurf
Kings air time: @daygin_p36 #thebillabongdaily @billabong_australia @electric_oz @fcs_surf @gorilla_surf @dickysurf @opcsurf
Good ones today #thebillabongdaily @billabong_australia @electric_oz @fcs_surf @gorilla_surf @dickysurf @opc
Fun ones this morning:πŸŽ₯ @dazzbomb #thebillabongdaily @billabong_australia @electric_oz @fcs_surf @gorilla_surf @dickysurf @opcsurf
Had the sickest week with this grom @tyricho big thanks to @biancarichardson @markrichosurfcoach for looking after me and thanks to @electric_oz for the new sunnys YEEWWWWWW #thebillabongdaily
Make sure you get up to @alexsurfshop tomorrow 5.30-7.30 @mayhemb3_mattbiolos will be there to help you design your new @lost9193 surfboard and Save $100 - see you there
#goparko GO @joelparko YOU CAN WIN THIS #thebillabongdaily
Having a sick time down at the #quikpro just got to meet @cjhobgood with @tyricho follow him:πŸ“· @biancarichardson #thebillabongdaily
So sick watching @joelparko shred at the #quikpro
Me and @jayocchilupo at the #quikpro today πŸ“· @_mikeymcdonagh
If your down for the #quikpro Come down to @coolysurf new shop tomorrow afternoon 4-6pm and you can meet @mayhemb3_mattbiolos and get $100 off all new @_lostsurfboards_ custom or shelf #thebillabongdaily
@vegemite & Avocado barrels with @hayden_macdougall @cooper740 #thebillabongdaily #quikpro
I love Sushi but #sushitrain with @gabrielmedina tastes so much better @cooper740 @hayden_macdougall
Chillin at calypso with the boys
Fun night at #kstradeshow @worldsurfaris last night with @tyricho and @kelly_parker_ #thebillabongdaily
Having a great time down at the #quikpro The set up is sick this year @billabong @billabong_australia @fcs_surf @gorilla_surf @dickysurf @electric_oz @electricvisual @surfingservicesaustralia @silkysurf @blee2957
Are you coming at 4.30 to @kirrasurfshop #KStradeshow You can win a @jsindustries1 surfboard or a sick 10 night trip to East Java Wave Palace with @Worldsurfaris and some @billabong @billabong_australia team members will be here for signings. See you here!
Just about to get pumped at really really shallow groyne: thx for the pic πŸ“· @lachie987
Not many waves but me and @will_carterrr found some sick ones #thebillabongdaily πŸ“· @mrhippy68