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Sluts are everywhere these days 😧 why
Watching fresh meat makes me wish I lived with people my age lol
My only current regret is not listening to my dad and focusing on football when I was younger
β€œ@diaryforteens: The fact that Cosmo is calling this "plus-sized" is disgusting 😠” how the fuck is that plus sized
it's all just some attention seeking shit and they need to be told, but you know what lemme remain humble i got shit 2 much on these bitches
why is every girl on this 'prestige' vibe these days. sorry for putting you down but in the grand scheme of things you're nothing.
Also I'm calling it now. End of this season @PUMA is gonna be the big football brand
Like I'm not saying I'm good enough to get into an academy anyway it's just mad peak how you basically gotta be bred/born into it
Kinda sucks that if you don't get into a youth academy from single digit age it's real hard to get into a pro team.
#FreePG roads are cold without you bruv @FifaMonstah
Just woke and someone left the back door open. Private swimming pool sick
Girls like to take the piss till you tell them you're not involved with them anymore. THEN they realise how dumb they're being
So you claim to like men who go gym... But where's your ass? Go squat loooool
Had one game and already experienced some fifa aids
β€œ@KSIOlajidebt: Come fucking hang wid me” @RashaunzyAsh you down lol
I don't understand how some girls claim to be innocent but their phone is just guys lol
Its Gibbs, u man are Dyer, Cant get past me, I got the fire, Did't go Rio, got left back, Bun u Roy, ur mums a prat
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I just wanna eat
So close till I start bulking but I'm struggling with this diet
It's so hot I'm sweating like a Chelsea fan being asked questions about the clubs achievements before 2003.
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The amount of sleepless nights is weird. I'm actually tiered but still can't sleep
just beat @RashaunzyAsh at fifa
I can think of so many fifa games. Most include pain, others drinking
Still not asleep. Do I keep tryna sleep or just try and wing it on coffee
I'm so bored
These bitches love Sosa
Sliding into a girls DM's like…
You know when you just lack gym motivation...
Like I could fully make people bust up laughing easily
I have the potential to genuinely be such a funny person
Ball bounced into my finger and now my nail hurts
bae: come over Conte: can't trying to keep Vidal and Pogba bae: I'm horny Conte:
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Actually had a decent game on fifa for once. Laggy as fuck at the start but I didn't get kick off'd or bs'd lol
I wish I could shuffle man
I want a group of guys to play football with man
β€œ@SELECTASMALLZ: Dashing Shades About #WYLABBQ But I Bet Some Of Di #Wyla Members R Fucking Ur Bitch πŸ˜‚β€ rude LOOOL
β€œ@mrsrosierose_x: You boys think ur so sick at fucking how many of you have giving a girl an orgasm πŸ˜΄β€πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ™‹πŸ™‹
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I feel so sorry for Messi like I wanna give him a hug and say it's okay
I ain't gonna lie I feel sorry for Messi right now but there's money on the line