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Jessieee ❤️
I'm getting offline now..there's a good chance you won't hear from me for a while just please continue to lift me up in prayer. #Love
It's the last week to buy from my first ever signature design line and give to @Childhelp at the same time! please RT
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Check out @derriontolanski's version of People help the people… … He's amazing!
Good Morning.. as my eyes open, I thank GOD for another day, another day to make a great positive change in life.
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@Luhvforcody @tonygoldwyn Thanks for all the help girlie! Tony she's not giving up! It would really turn around a rough couple weeks 4 me :)
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I'll be back a little later. XOXO
RT @ki_ink Rise and shine beautiful people ⛅⛅
If I'm not following you..favorite, RT or tweet me.
All new Scandal tonight at 10|9c at ABC. Retweet if you're ready for more...
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Happy #Scandal Thursday!!!! ' A woman scorned ' directed by @tonygoldwyn airs TONIGHT @ 10PM PST. BLERG! counting down the hours 😜😝😁😆
Check me out on Youtube for my videos & music, hope you guys like! x 😽
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I gotta go handle some things and then I'm off to see my dreams. It's been real, it's been fun. Goodnight. Be Blessed, Be a Blessing.
LOL well, on that note. I'm done answering questions for the day. Thanks for sending them in and showing interest in who I am. <3
What quality do you value most in your friends? — Trust.
Celebrity crush? — Ahhh I have a few.. Josh Duhamel is one of them!
Justin Bieber or Cody Longo? — The biebs is kewl but I'm choosing Cody over ALL celebs!
One Direction or Big Time Rush? — what makes you beautiful!
do you like italian food? — YES. is this an invitation to dinner?
Books or movies? — I adore reading but I also Love movies! so I would choose books if the movie came first....
my day was good so ur a fan Cody's? me too — LOL my username is Luhvforcody .. Cody is the main person I tweet. ...
what’s the best gift you could get? — Just put Cody in a box and send him to my address!
Where would you like to spend your holiday? — I don't care about the place.. I just really want to spend it with...
hi how was your day? — My day was unpredictably great! thanks for asking. How was yours? :)...
what’s your fav movie? — NOT TODAY. Cody delivered this role brilliantly and with SO much passion. the movie pro...
Kiwis or strawberries ? — I could definitely eat more kiwis then strawbs so I'll go w. that!...
favorite song? — Currently.. it's #Electric by Cody but my favorite song may change by the day..and sometimes by...