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alias "cc" = dd; alias "dd" = cc;
I truly want to donate to @LinusTech but now I'm broke so Maybe for Christmas :D
Throw PHP 5.3 away please it's stupid…
You think you have a bad day? Well I just found a "pull request" that contains $HTTP_GET_VARS, beat me...
Italia paese del cazzo, popolo senza palle. Canone in bolletta della Rai e nessuno dice niente. Fate schifo
As a full stack developer I feel ..…
Make your web site full screen ready…
.NET framework open source? Goodbye Java your "Cross platform is the power" bullshit is over :D
Android beta OS possible issues: Some graphic glitches IOS beta program issues: IOS itself :D
My next #Pc build PCPartPicker part list:
As a developer, and Team manager, I can't think about working without @jetbrains, @youtrack and @phpstorm Awesome tools, really.
This new material design give me Boner.
50 hours a week playing CS:GO. Yep it's my new part-time job and I earn money playing it ^_^
Internet what are you doing? INTERNET STHAP!
Should I use Laravel 5 for a new project or it's better waiting a little bit? @jeffrey_way @taylorotwell @laravelphp
Giocare contro @stermy è sempre una figata. @ASUSItalia #MGW #MGW14
Two hours of delay but I stand still in front of @FACEIT @Cloud9gg @LDLC #MGW #MGW14
Chi andrà alla GamesWeek a Milano?
Every time someone decide to create a new futuristic crypto algorithm a public key dies
Fuck I spent last hours on dota 2 and I still don't understand a shit...
And this is why #Apple new #iMac 5K sucks really bad…
Damn I'm fucked. I fall in love with @DOTA2. Goodbye life.
Love the Gaben, because he loves the masterrace. Love the masterrace, because he is you.
How to fix #OSXYosemite best annoyances? Install @Linux
stock android KitKat flashed, now move on Android Lollipop :D
So basically #OSXYosemite doesn't support multi monitors applications... What a shitty OS....
I'm upgrading to the stable version of #osx #Yosemite... Hoping they've fixed the full screen multi monitor issue...
Too big TOO FUCKING BIG -.- #nexus6 but the #nexus9 is fucking cool as a table, with @NVIDIATegra K1 :-Q________
Programming for a company that doesn't appreciate it's programmers can be a depressing experience. Please make sure you recognise this
I'm wondering how can I access to beta countries on @stripe
Ho appena visto la pic di @v2devnull e sono rimasto tipo *_*
I'm not very active on Twitter because I have important stuff to do.
C'è un rullo compressore fuori che sta stendendo l'asfalto, dato il rumore che fa sembra di stare in un film di @michaelbay
Fix a 37 year old bug introduced by Bill Joy on August 24, 1977 #OpenBSD… Open source is awesome
I'm still wondering why I've this machine. O yea an alternative laptop cost as much as this and it is worse
#OSX #Yosemite is almost done and it still lacks of full screen capability (like Mavericks) and it sucks at handling kernel task. ShittyOS
Hello Bulgaria Fuck off forever Italy, I'll not come back. Here I'm paying 7€/month for 150mbps of optic fiber and 10mbps in upload.
Se non sai fare non puoi comandare
58 Euro di multa per 7Km/h di "Eccedenza", se non la paghi entro 5 giorni diventano 70 Euro. L'italia è proprio un paese di merda.
I've just implemented polymorphism in php using namespaces and inheritance. OOP FTW. Of course using php 5.6
Ringraziamo @Vendommerda per le risate che ci fa fare. Unico motivo per usare twitter.