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Fuck you responsive Fuck you multiple shitty mobile devices
while I'm driving I saw a girl txting and driving and it really piss me off. I rolled down my windows and threw my beer at here
We are building FirefoxOS friendly websites with manifest.webapp
I woke up this morning, with an idea. Built a small solar system in @unity3d. And yep I made it (the basic of course).
In Italia se non vuoi avere problemi di nessun tipo, fare carriera oppure fare "impresa" basta tesserarsi con il PD.
Berlusconi : servizi sociali DeBenedetti : aiuti per 600.000.000€ dalle banche per le sue aziende fallimentari. Italia: 2 pesi 2 misure
E' vero le consolle hanno un sacco di esclusive (pagate da loro per esserlo ndr) però avete portali come questo? :P
Non posso fare il dipendente, non fa per me. Verrei licenziato dopo due giorni.
Some days roll really bad, so bad to exclude yourself from your linux account, with a simple chmod ... fuck it.
The worst part of Agile development is when you have to test every new features, twice a day. - A project exploring scalable iconography by @joe_harrison
long long time; //ago in a galaxy far away...
Thought of the day. Never give up, even if everything is against you, believe yourself.
Do you really know what happens when you type a command line in #Shell?…
Are you in the know ?
There are constants and variables
My life will be complete when I'll live in Hide park
Atheists go fuck yourself, seriously - The rest of the world
Game physics DONE, thanks to the awesome @unity3d ENGINE. My game is #madewithunity of course :P
Woke up at 6.30 working since 6.50 I've to finish my game, at least the animation and AI
I'd to use #VIM more :(
VIM for life
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I’ve wasted 36 days, 15 hours, and 55 minutes of my life watching TV shows. Calculate your time: