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Me and my Team are cleaning the entire office today. It's our turn. We believe that the workspace is like code, you must maintain it.
What's the best way to remember Apollo 11 landing ? Playing @KerbalSpaceP of course !!! #ksp #Apolo11 #nasa
Actually I'm using adblock but I've white listed @LinusTech because I want to support him in any way possible
Despite appearances, I'm still here. The road may be long, but the quest is on. #UltimateQuest
792p Next-Gen Consoles vs. PC - WTF?:
"@jeffrey_way: I've decided that a person's first introduction to testing should never be unit testing. That can come later." totally agree
Information Is Entropy
We must fight cyber bullying from corporate company like @Vodafone_Group. Take a minute and read /cc @evilsocket
#Hamas can you please explain how much does your PIL is grown compared to your brothers in Golan or West Bank?
#Hamas can you please explain where muslim religion permit to use women and child as "Human Shield" just because? #HamasGameOver #HamasFail
#Hamas can you please explain why your brothers (Ramallah, Hevron, Nablus and Gerico) don't want to fight with you?
Mmm I want the new #raspberry pi b+
#Android L is awesome on my Nexus 5 *_*
"@rdohms: Deutschland! #GER" Deutschland will raise!!
Where can I find some #Android kernel info's and documents?
Primo acquisto su @GLISTOCKISTI fatto. Se qualcosa va male me la prendo con @fgfoto ahahah.
My @google #Nexus 5 is here, pretty huge, red and awesome
Feel weird today, like something inside my chest is happening O.o
A new film "Catch Me If You Can" Featuring - Me as @tomhanks - The Debugger as the Scene - The Fucking bug as @LeoDiCaprio Coming soon
Being a Vegetarian for a day of the week? Why not, sounds funny to me. I'll try…
I literally died hahah @Eminem - "Mom's Spaghetti"…
Material Design by @google drive me crazy. I love it
I found another XSS exploit on public WiFi hot spot. The victim is the @Dlink DAP-* series. I need more time to document it.
alias monday = "brew update && brew upgrade && composer update -o --dev --profile -vvv --prefer-dist && npm update && bower update && gulp"
Beautiful day w\ friends Gaming Hacking stuff Pizza Poker and hacking R!sK and hacking Lot of fun, it's been a while since the last time
#VENDO #iPhone 4S 8B Bianco Semi nuovo PREZZO 250 Euro TRATTABILI #RT
Once you have mastered #kali #linux is very easy to exploit simple targets ... :-D
I'm definitely going to hack even this McDonald's Hot Spot
If @YouTube goes 60fps it means that console peasants can't watch @pewdiepie on @PlayStation 4 anymore...They will be upset!
#Linux #opensource Free admin panel for your linux server :D
I'm little bit worry about #Google in My Tv on My Phone at Home at Work inside Pc watching Browser Driving my Car Just saying... #GoogleIO
This is something that console noob peasants will never understand @steam_games
Go home #Apple developers you are drunk !
Writing code is drudgery. That love for code becomes obsession and leads to an unhealthy relationship…
Linux server monitoring like a boss
300m of CS:GO session, guess I should stop here
Someone on Counter Strike ? :D
It's friday and what can I do? PENTESTING !! :D
- "I think there's a bug" Me : "Where?" - "In you app, dunno where search it!"
When you wait the result of CI Tests. 130 acceptance assertions