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I'm still wondering why I've this machine. O yea an alternative laptop cost as much as this and it is worse
#OSX #Yosemite is almost done and it still lacks of full screen capability (like Mavericks) and it sucks at handling kernel task. ShittyOS
Hello Bulgaria Fuck off forever Italy, I'll not come back. Here I'm paying 7€/month for 150mbps of optic fiber and 10mbps in upload.
Se non sai fare non puoi comandare
58 Euro di multa per 7Km/h di "Eccedenza", se non la paghi entro 5 giorni diventano 70 Euro. L'italia è proprio un paese di merda.
I've just implemented polymorphism in php using namespaces and inheritance. OOP FTW. Of course using php 5.6
Ringraziamo @Vendommerda per le risate che ci fa fare. Unico motivo per usare twitter.
Vendo @nvidia #GeForce 780Ti MSI OC GAMING edition.
Both #iPhone6 and #iPhone6Plus have got 1GB of RAM... On a 64Bit CPU. WOW such innovation
So the #iPhone6 has got his "retina HD" that is not even 720p WOW such futuristic lol
Vendo #GeForce GTX 780TI MSI OC usata per benchmarks @NVIDIA_IT
Lammerda della gente italiana che già vive in un periodo di merda ma la fila davanti al negozio Apple non si può mancare. Mamma che schifo
In starting to put money on companies that want to move outside Italy. First job is about a food company : 13.000$ and a new location.
The amount of energy necessary to refuse a bullshit is, in an order of magnitude, bigger than to produce it.
Do you know how Sysadmind protect their feet ? With Secure Socks Layer
. @Daniele_KK @iw0hkn sento tirare HO FAME ahah
I don't know how to spend 1 million dollars, maybe I can buy some companies
With 1000$ I've built a PC that runs watch dogs at ultra settings with 60fps with 2TB of SSD in RAID0. Just saying #Apple
So basically you'll use a 1200$ crappy iPhone with 350$ crappy clock. #AppleWatch
I heard rumors saying that the #iPhone6 will be the same crappy shit since 2007. It will be more fancy, more expensive and more exploitable.
Per la prima volta a Napoli ci sono dei testimoni. Ragazzi un fatto incredibile, qualcuno ha visto, sentito e non dormiva :O
What should I buy first on #Amazon?… #Help me please :D
Another long session on Counter Strike: Global Offensive is over. 8 matches won I a row and I rank up. Eagles Master Rank I'm coming #CSGO
I have achieved a lot of goals in my life so far. Next goal? Become Billionaire before 30 years old. I think I can do it
#IceBucketChallenge Donate your computing power to research! DO IT NOW cc @Stanford
So #PHP 5.6 is going to be stable in September. If we have to follow the latest php trends we should call it php 5.7
A quanto pare, in Italia, se stai molto bene economicamente vieni visto come un losco delinquente. E' proprio un paese di merda.
#ESLOne awesome final. The best match ever possible
Ciao @stermy, conosci qualcuno che cerca membri per un team professionista di CS:GO?
I'm considering a career in professional gaming, maybe next year Cologne with counter strike -)
After visit all Europe I can assert that Bulgaria is the best place to stay, period.
I'm in Prague, Czech Republic. If anyone want a beer or something, just ask
Me and my Team are cleaning the entire office today. It's our turn. We believe that the workspace is like code, you must maintain it.
What's the best way to remember Apollo 11 landing ? Playing @KerbalSpaceP of course !!! #ksp #Apolo11 #nasa
Actually I'm using adblock but I've white listed @LinusTech because I want to support him in any way possible
Despite appearances, I'm still here. The road may be long, but the quest is on. #UltimateQuest
792p Next-Gen Consoles vs. PC - WTF?:
"@jeffrey_way: I've decided that a person's first introduction to testing should never be unit testing. That can come later." totally agree
Information Is Entropy
We must fight cyber bullying from corporate company like @Vodafone_Group. Take a minute and read /cc @evilsocket
#Hamas can you please explain how much does your PIL is grown compared to your brothers in Golan or West Bank?