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Luis Manzano
#Repost from @cadclinic with @repostapp --- Luis Manzano's choice! Center for Advanced Dentistry. Porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding, tooth implant, crown, premium whitening, invisalign, braces, gum adjustments and more. Call us 02 478 9275 β€’ (0915) 609 2537 | The Infinity Building, BGC The Fort
Moron 5.2 The Transformation Trailer…--- sa November 5 na! Paki kalat pls ty Happy Na Ko! #MightAsWell
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Woooooooh!!!!! Lakas tama!!!!!! Sarap!!!!! Tag someone who looks like this parang sobrang sarap ng tama :p
the trailer of MORON 5.2 -… , please watch and RT guys!
Sabi sa inyo diba? Mahaba, maputi at mataba talaga dibaa? 😈😳 #mahabamaputiatmahabahawakko #lakirinngulo #tigacongodiba
Thanks to The Sexy Chef for my Paleo Diet Thai Minced Chicken! , thanks @thesexychef !!! That was good!!!
β€œ@annecurtissmith: @luckymanzano thaaaaanks Manzano!!!!”- cant wait to watch this! You deserve it and more! :)
FINALLY! The OFFICIAL TRAILER for my very first international indie film BLOOD RANSOM. Watch it here!!! So excited!
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Sabi sa inyo e... mahaba, mataba at maputi diba... πŸ‘ 😈 #anglakilaki #mahabamaputuatmahabahawakko #kakaibayungulo… grabeeeh!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘οΏ½@luckymanzanoz@Mscathygonzagazaga eto na talaga ang sagot sa problema ng mundo πŸ˜…
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β€œ@AxePhilippines: Hey @luckymanzano! You gots to teach us that "Gas Boy" move! #AXEGoldPass”- hahaha a move that took me years to master ;)
The Axe Gold Council. Also with Co-Host Ms @ItsCarlaD We've found the top 3 #AxeGold men! Top 3 are:…
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WATCH: ASAP BTS Luis - Alex kulitan habang nangyayari ang opening number #ASAPScreamAndShout @luckymanzano...
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And we are about to start!! Eastwood for the #AXEGoldPass , we will find out soon who lives the #axelife !
Nagustuhan and naenjoy niyo ba yung #ASAPScreamAndShout #asapkaraokey rock edition? Laklak!!!!!
Heading to Eastwood to as part of the #axegold council.. see ya later @luckymanzano @djtonytoni ..and good luck gentlemen.
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ASAP BTS: @luckymanzano and @cathygonzaga pitching their Supahdance concept to our BUH @liquicious and CM...
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Hahahahahah!!! SAPUL 😳😳😳
Hala hala hala!!! Ano akala mo, walang nangyari??? #pataymalisyaacting #huy
@luckymanzano Twitter and instagram for AshLloyd, KathNiel and LuckyGel stalking purposes :)) #SmartFREEInternet
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Post the sites you would visit right away with #SmartFREEInternet !! :) i want to see what you use! Use the hashtag! :)
What are the top sites you would visit when you use your #SmartFREEInternet ??? :) thanks @SMARTCares ! FREE!!! :)
RT if you want to hangout in Eastwood City this Sunday and win access to #AXEGold Pass !
Happy birthday to the host who is out to get my job @robertmarion ! Magtira ka naman ng hosting for me in the future :)
Tweet 24/7 with #SmartFreeInternet for prepaid subscribers! Galing talaga ng Smart!
Lovely evening with lovely people and of course my extra lovely love @therealangellocsin #sarahg #giorgia #lian
New trailer of Superman vs Spider-woman!! Lupet!!!
May ginagawa yung tao naman eeeeeeeee, busy siya tapos gugulatin mo eeeeeeee naging stuntman tuloy!!!
#AxeGold Men, you should suit up and be noticed to boost your chance of winning it on Sunday. Check @AxePhilippines for your style guide!
That awkward moment that the song stops and bigla kang na confirmed πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
3 days to Gold and 3 lucky #AxeGold men are closer to the Gold life! RTif you want to see the Axe Gold Council and win access to the event !
Wow!!! Thank you, The Sexy Chef for my Paleo Diet Shepherd’s Pie!
Why in the hell would you let a child hold a gun?!?!? Why????
Why? Bakit mo naman kase gagawin ito in the first place? 😳😳
Just to clarify, walang namamagitan sa amin ni @EmWatson ok? Yes nagtetext siya pero di ko na sinasagot. Nasasakal na ako sa kanya e. Ok po?
Buti nalang the Manzano ancestry is really from Congo! Right @realedumanzano !! Proud to be from Congo! #naturalizedpinoyako #tigacongotunaykongpagkatao
β€œ@UnusualFactPage: A 16-year-old boy in Brazil died from masturbating 42 times in one night without stopping.”- talo mo pa to @qwertyron !
Can’t agree more with the new Lucky Me! Kainang Pamilya Mahalaga commercial. Right @RealEduManzano? #faMEALyday
WOW!!!! First time we have concrete proof of aliens and UFOs!! Watch closely to realize may aliens talaga!! Kakatakot!!