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is wondering...have you ever noticed that race-car race-car?
The men in the white coats are AWESOME!! They gave me this really cool jacket with a whole bunch of cool buckles that lets me hug myself!
Trolls are horrible people. I was once harassed to the point of tears by a secondary account I created simply for more attention.
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I've read the rules. I've followed the rules. The rules are stupid. I am making my own rules from now on.
Dog wakes me up, dog eats, dog goes outside, dog is now back sleeping in my bed and I am wide awake. What is wrong with this picture?
"Weather forecast for tonight: dark."
My goal in life-Not to appear in an episode of "A Thousand Ways To Die".
Cant wait for the liberal outrage whem Zimmerman walks free as he should! #TeamZimmerman…
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detectives asked Trayvons father if it was his sons voice that was yelling & he said no. #CaseOver #TeamZimmerman
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Trayvon Martin's father takes the stand, will be asked about whether the screamer is his son. Watch: #ZimmermanTrial
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Defense says they will conclude their case by Weds. Should go to jury this week, possibly a verdict coming this week as well #ZimmermanTrial
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if duct tape and chocolate don't fix it, you're in serious trouble
After spending millions in research scientist still do not know exactly how long a cotton picking minute is. #time
My brain is a bully. It makes my mouth say whatever it's thinking.
I wonder if Chinese tourists get mad when they realize the souvenir they just bought was made back home?
I wonder if Chinese tourists get mad when they realize the souvenir they just bought was made back home? #TOFUNNY
You know, If I suck in my stomach turn sideways and squint my eyes i look pretty damn sexy.
Money may not buy you happiness but it can certainly improve the quality of your misery!
knows no matter how bad things are at any one moment, no moment lasts. good or bad, time moves on because it has to. And so do you.
Red, white and blue stand for freedom right, but yet that's not the feeling you get when you see those same colors flashing in the rear view