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@Pandamoanimum: This is still probably one of the best things ever done by a librarian. :)
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Dante is a scrub.
I don't take pleasure in a man's pain but my wrath will come down like the cold rain.
Yeah, I'm still free. Code in my tastes. Probably nothing in gifts and party. And Rage Against the hook.
Great big flapping apps.
ED209 on security detail for the World Cup:… - Feel safe.
@BBCSussex: LATEST from police : Package sent to the office of Crawley MP Henry Smith is not being treated as suspicious.” - Good.
Abel has no imagination.
Interesting! RT @BBCNews: Is it all about the DNA? The evolutionary puzzle of homosexuality
I need some lower impedance earbuds.
Yeah, I'm getting a later bus. And what?
#Batman news: - Gary Oldman advises Ben Affleck on Batman: 'Don't listen to the fans'
Dat bass #bass #trap #starwars #ackbar #music #loud #subwoofer #elac #boom #hifi #audioporn #audio
Brainstorms should always involve dancing. (tag: @Fletch042)
Now that all the hype has died down, I'll say it: Daft Punk's Random Access Memories is one of the best albums I have ever heard. Stunning.
That's a railway first for me. Sunny outside but raining inside a tunnel.
Lose yourself to dance.
#Batman news: - Gary Oldman advises Ben Affleck on Batman: 'Don't listen to the fans'
That awkward moment when you compose an amazing piece of music in your head but won't be near an audio workstation for 10 hours.
Slender Man loves everyone on V day. Even you. Look behind you!
@fletch42 really loves @rogerwarner #bynd
#Batman news: - The Lego Movie's incredible cameos: Batman, Superman, more - spoilers