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Loyiso Mtshizana
‘Change’ according Nik Mikaelson
They say the passage of time will heal all wounds, but the greater the loss, the deeper the cut and the more…
That problem is not meant to kill you but make you stronger!
You thought you was smart, so i played dumb so you could see [in the end] how smart i actually am! :v
So full of beans tonight! :v You could swear I'm high on something, but it's nothing more than just a 'natural high'. :) Evening fellers!
So many beauties in one town, too bad I'm signing out in just a few minutes. Bye-bye peeps, see you around!
"@SpeakComedy: I don't stalk, I investigate." LOL!
Let's crack open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate New Year's! Cheers all, to a lovely year! :-)
A safe and jolly last night of 2013 everyone!
It's only a few hours before 2014. Have u got any New Year's resolutions in mind yet?? Or have u been as lazy...
It's summer and it's the festive season indeed so much that even girls check each other's arses out! :v Can't deny I'm loving this! :D
Heavens forbid! I've just had the most awful thought and brief daydream I've ever had my entire life! Eew, how could I! It's just way gross!
I wish everyday would be like yesterday u know! :v That was one helluva day, especially in the evening!
Nothing annoys me like a boring text message u receive at 2:33am, i mean, what kind of an obsessed sicko texts at that time! Come on people!
Think I've become too open-minded. I've never craved going to the pub so much, in fact I've never been to the pub my entire life! #GrowingUp
“The older I get, the more I enjoy life.”
And this is what I would like to call 'success' and a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! #Fulfilled
Congratulations #idolsSAmusa, I am so happy for you! #TeamMusaAllTheWay
There's a story behind every sociopath, after all, sociopaths aren't born, they're made. #Arsed!
“Always believe in yourself.”