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Loyiso Mtshizana
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Accept your weaknesses. Never try and cover them up.…
Love is the most powerful emotion, which also makes it the most dangerous. Never play with fire! Rather handle it with care.
Allow me to share my story with you, a 5-year-old love story that made and broke me:…
Don’t fight your pain, let in in
I once was something that today I'm not. Growing up changes u, but i believe change is reversible. You too can regain the qualities u lost!
Will you control your future?
Love is the most powerful emotion, which, in some cases, makes it the most dangerous. Never play with fire, but rather handle it with care.
Don’t crumble at your crucible!
They say if i was a girl they'd say i have a pretty face. I wonder what say you!;)
Let’s talk about inaction..
Once you've accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you...
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Many of my favorite series are back with new seasons but #TheOriginals just happens to be the only one thus far to get me this excited, wow!
Pain and difficultly don't last "Be strong now because things will get better. It may be stormy now, but it can't rain forever."
tossing and turning - oh god, why! why can't i just sleep!
Trying to find myself a new pack of earrings, is that wrong? LOL (@ Pier 14)
Glad the US is winning. Think I like this Dempsey guy, shows real talent. #FifaWorldCup2014
Nothing bores me to death like John Legend's 'All of Me' song, don't know why y'all lads and lasses love it so much! 😩
Ha ha ha, this guy from #Uruguay... :v Still wants to remain on the field even after being knocked out conscious. #FifaWorldCup2014
England vs Uruguay - I don't usually watch football, but this one I have got to see! Go #England! #FifaWorldCup2014
Today it's mind vs body. My head is pleading my body to please get the bloody hell out of bed, but my body is just too deaf to hear zilch!
Believing in love is but a total waste of... Uh, everything! How disappointing! :/
Take it with a positive mindset!
Love is like a delicate flame. Once it's gone, no matter how much it has endured, no matter how patient it may have been, it's GONE FOREVER.
When u wanna get home so fricking bad & hideous traffic just won't flipping grant u your wish. Feels like the entire world is crashing on u!
How i hate waking up! :| Bloody Monday mornings; :/ where did they come from?
I wish the long weekend was extended a few more days longer. :[ I just hate the idea that I'm waking up four days, actually.
Hmm, :) :) 'ex girlfriends...' :p
‘Change’ according Nik Mikaelson
They say the passage of time will heal all wounds, but the greater the loss, the deeper the cut and the more…
That problem is not meant to kill you but make you stronger!
You thought you was smart, so i played dumb so you could see [in the end] how smart i actually am! :v
So full of beans tonight! :v You could swear I'm high on something, but it's nothing more than just a 'natural high'. :) Evening fellers!
So many beauties in one town, too bad I'm signing out in just a few minutes. Bye-bye peeps, see you around!
"@SpeakComedy: I don't stalk, I investigate." LOL!
Let's crack open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate New Year's! Cheers all, to a lovely year! :-)
A safe and jolly last night of 2013 everyone!
It's only a few hours before 2014. Have u got any New Year's resolutions in mind yet?? Or have u been as lazy...
It's summer and it's the festive season indeed so much that even girls check each other's arses out! :v Can't deny I'm loving this! :D
Heavens forbid! I've just had the most awful thought and brief daydream I've ever had my entire life! Eew, how could I! It's just way gross!

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