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Still in follow jail , so can't follow anybody back yet .
No relationship is a waste of time for #Aries.The wrong ones teach them the lessons that prepare them for the right ones.
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#Arians also love to initiate others into the pleasures of some new experience.
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#Aries are liable to have a high sex drive and make passionate but fastidious lovers.
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Let me stop wanting it & maybe it will happen.
I swear some guys are just clueless when it comes to their girl.
@TweetsOfV hehe u deserve to be spoil ^^, omg let's go get slushies? >_< we can get pink and green >_<
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@TweetsOfV grrrr omg babe its yummy -__- u just want that expensive stuff :pp >_<
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Soo I offered to share MY chocolate and FOOD with @TweetsOfV and her fussy ass says *shut up u have bad taste in food* lmaooo -__-
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I hit my follow limit y'all , so I'll follow some of you later .
A good relationship needs at least 5 ingredients: communication, understanding, trust, fun and a healthy sex life.
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Appreciate your own body if nobody else does.
We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.
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Lmao I look like a creep retweeting that from like 4 months ago. Good night .
Ima take a bubble bath. Might finger myself because I get no dick...
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You wish you were as cool as me
People will tweet a pic of cancer patient and say "Never stop retweeting for him/her🙏" when they really mean "never stop retweeting for me🙏"
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Don't flash your money around and then wonder why you attract gold diggers & hoes . What sense does that make?
Just because you grew up with daddy calling you his princess doesn't mean you can expect a man to treat you like one while you act a bitch.
Be alone with dignity rather than in a relationship that requires you to sacrifice your self-respect. I hope you dumb hoes read this..