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Your #indifference #independence #individuality takes away a controller’s power. Live 4 others or Live 4 yourself?
Its sad when I see particular ppl behaving & living a certain way at the hand of a PUPPETmaster’s strings just 2 fit in & avoid rejection
…& Im all for needN help but what I don’t accept is stayN n tht position 2 give another 2 much power to pull strings over me. #HateThatShit
BEST feelN n the world when u don’t need ppl as u R free 2 speak ur opinion But when u DEPEND on them: #asskissing #contracts #noselfrespect
When will someone make a bullwhip emoticon?
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Therefore: A person cant keep doing things in rotation over “years” towards ppl then say #sorrynotsorry PPL already 4gave you BUT moved on
#Forgivness is “not” for the other person who offends, its designed for the offendee person 2 help them cope & move on.
The dream was about us doing Real Time Sessions in the Bronx NY. As we all met up 4 the 1st time. PPL are #hilarious 😂
Im over here dying I just realized how tht sound.Ppl r going to be like #wtf ..Like when that domme click tht link of me and @BlackGlamGoth
hmm Lets just see what the “Thing” is going to do #GoAway or #TryHarder *Twiddling Thumbs
If you're brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.
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@The_REAL_Simone lol...they kick themselves, dust the dirt off, and come back. It's interesting to watch. Lol
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Im n the mood 4 what I ate yesterday 4 lunch. After that its #PlayTime Lovelies!
I see those followers who do this they follow/unfollow follow/unfollow make up in your mind wha u want, I cant please you on every tweet
Hmmm...same shit, different summer gauging from my timeline.
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Desperate for my attention aren't you... You WILL work for it worm
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But thats wht ppl get when they think they are #special & the #360 don’t apply to them #SocialMedia #FreakShow #SummerDrama #PopCornTime