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can you not
$70!! your turn :)
u think u're fat, ugly, and nobody likes u? No.. cmon don't think that way. Nobody loves u too!
Go to sleep. He's not going to text u anymore
Sometimes u just run out 😝t
The power of a kiss
Meaning of life..
This made me so happy 😍😭sHT
Instagram lets you zoom with double tap now. Finally. Try it on someone's really old selfie
Amen to this! 👌q
Just to brighten your day
Where do I sign up for this life
She came home from work thinking that She was being asked to prom... Instead it was her dad pranking her 😂5
When someone calls you ugly
sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do 😂y
*planet explodes* *removes one earbud* what
Damn! Alex vause is really hot #OITNB
I wanna be this happy
That moment when your headphones catch your phone from smacking the ground mid fall 🙏p
ppl: u should talk more! me: *tries to talk* gets ignored - gets interrupted - gets talked over - no one pays attention - no one cares
Ok from now on im gonna make this account interactive. So.. How y'all doin? :)
When u throwing random mood swings at ur man but he's handling it well
do you ever get a weird crush on someone that’s not even attractive but you’re just attracted to them and you don’t know why
When your ex texts you
these are shampooed, conditioned, and blow dried cows
This is me everytime
"You guys know I’m a dog, right?”
When bae falls asleep too early
i need $$$$$ not feelings
how to have a flat stomach 1) remove all of your organs
me:*wont start episode until I have a huge plate of food* me:*finishes food before opening theme finishes*
me getting ready in the morning
no everything is not ok Im showing you how close I am to losing my shit with you
person: *breathes* me: shut the fuck up
*regrets something I said 4 years ago*
When people ask me why i get mad so much
when girls are on their period it's no joke 😂9
when your favorite show is ending
when you see your friend hanging out with the person she was just complaining about the other day

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