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Mrs Fong
I love watching my cats goofing off with catnip toys. They go nuts for the stuff.
Just finished watching a 2nd Lance Armstrong documentary. So basically, he's a helmet with a helmet.
More exciting news as it unfolds!
I always manage to forget my dry washing until just after it starts thundering and pouring with rain. S'pose no point bringing it in now!
Awesome noisy blackbird has taken a liking to our garden. Paces the length of the fence shouting but flies off every time I get my camera.
'How to make a smoothie without bananas'. Why would you even WANT to?!
Pretty as it can look, I can't help but flinch when I see people have torn pages from books to make art.
Considering the UK's intelligence agencies are always watching, this one letter to the editor makes a good point.
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The appetite for Plants v Zombies on the X Box appears to have reached fever pitch in this house.
Most sophisticated joke ever? It covers austerity, pointless growth, environmental policy, irrational cuts and more.
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"Drawing and painting have been a constant source of creative activity for me." Shop new unique works by Henry Jones -...
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I have no idea why but I seem to have foolishly set my alarm for 7.30 this morning.
Still away from home so no foxy pic this fri, hopefully a badger cub raiding the greenhouse this week will compensate
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It's like this trolley's crying for help!
Somehow my smoothie turned into a bowel movement overnight. #makewaygottapoop
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So Timehop is basically for those of us (I probably count here) who wistfully ponder upon how fun life used to be.
Your bio says you can be rude sometimes? Ah that's ok then, basic manners and social conventions don't apply to you anymore.
Just sent boy cat upstairs 'to think about what you've done' for bullying his sister. I've turned into my mother.
Problem is, in another couple of hours I'll be wide awake again.
I so need a nap. Doing everything I possibly can to stay awake just for another couple of hours.
Waits for the inevitable RT from that mcp account.
Fireplaces look nice but sometimes they're fucking annoying when you want to change the layout of a room.
Telegraph runs an OK piece about sportive snobs, reader uses the opportunity to boast about committing crimes.
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#AskThicke At what age did you realise you wanted to grow up to be a pound-shop Ricky Martin?
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I think it's really insensitive of people saying their childhood has been ruined by the Savile, Harris et al cases. I mean, really?
I can't believe how many times I've managed to rescue this laptop. It's becoming a bit of a challenge now to see how long I can keep it for.
Apparently laptops don't like it when you spill a glass of water over them. Even drying overnight doesn't seem to have helped.
I'm so used to Liam Neeson's fake US accent that in Gangs of New York, his actual accent sounds fake.
This is why I have joined TAVS. Their focus is education, not money.
I wash my hands of The Vegan Society. I can't believe what a bunch of money-driven apologists they've become.
@themrsfong more than you want to know about it, I expect:…. I liked it from the start but I like it more after this.
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I actually like Prometheus more now than I did when I saw it at the cinema.
WEATHER: "It's raining! It's raining! It's finally fucking raining!" We're unable to hide our delight at potential Glastonbury disruptions.
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1 footballer biting someone has had more media coverage than all the workers who have been killed building stadium for Qatar world cup
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11 Things A Sloth Would Say If He Was Your Life Coach via @dodo…
Rebekah #Brooks found not guilty of knowing how her newspaper worked.
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DEFRA DEATH STATS - 1,003,403,000 land animals were slaughtered in the UK during 2013. An 'animal loving nation', obviously.
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Can anybody help with this adorable stray kitten who is looking for a new home? In Reading.… #rdg #rdguk
We are investigating a serious pollution incident #Maidenhead. Unfortunately some fish have died. We have staff and equipment onsite.
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Just a reminder to some commenting on the #hackingtrial: defamation law does apply to Twitter.
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Really does smell good enough to eat!
People laughed when I said I wanted to be a professional snooker player. They're not laughing now because it was ages ago.
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I love Friday evenings.
There's nothing quite like baby critters to warm your heart.
Reading Borough Council's profiteering knows no bounds. £50 to park outside my own home because I've been in a car accident.
I'm at my wits end with the bastard thing.
For some bizarre reason my printer is fine until I put gloss paper in. Then it just spunks black ink all over the edges. So frustrating.