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Louise Munsch
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Another 10 Hours Walking in NYC video. This time Princess Leia:
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So close to lobbing my laptop out of the window.
It was a series of incidents like this that made me despise them as much as I did. Unbelievable!
'Lost' meaning they claim it has been delivered to my house & signed for whilst I'm sat here, in my house, no computer in sight.
Against my better judgement, I decided to give Apple another chance. In return they 'lost' my new computer. So pissed off.
Two beautiful pussy cats in Reading looking for new homes.… Currently at @Castle_Vets If in #rdg #rdguk pls RT
I despise telephone banking. i just want to speak to a human being.
Why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why we took drugs
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I wish catnip worked on humans. Looks like great fun.
So basically there's this. Dogging Tales meets Fenton
I wonder why they decided to call dogging 'dogging'.
Part of me is thinking 'seriously, why would you spend time making that video?' the other part of me 'I could totally do that much better.'
And they're not even as shit as this guy.
My TV detective impressions are losing me followers!
That last one was Taggart.
'There's been a murder.'
'Don't move, you're surrounded by armed bastards.'
'Lewis, there's been a murder.'
I reckon I could make a whole Vine channel just doing shit impressions of TV detectives.
I shit you not. He actually was. Lost his shit over some vintage wine or something. Tried to kill Inspector Morse.
Do you remember when the Emperor from Star Wars was in Inspector Morse?
Farmers. Farmers' mums.
Everyone and their mums is packin' round 'ere.
Imagine a Hot Fuzz/Inspector Morse mashup. 'Lewis, there's been a ____ murder, murder, murder change the fuckin' record'.
Inspector Morse is on the TV. 'Lewis, there's been a murder.'
Sloshed. Totally my old friend's fault. Nothing to do with me whatsewever!
People using 'thus' when arguing on Twitter to try and sound authoritative.
Cats are basically awesome.
I'm so glad I learned the word 'bigot'. It's my get out of jail card when I lack the capacity to engage sensibly on contentious topics.
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We need a BIG #FF R/T for this message this week please guys and girls - thank you
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Wrote about how I think Russell Brand is an idiot on an ego trip who doesn't deserve the platform he's being given.…
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Take a look at @Dis_PPL_Protest's most recent tweets.
What's a dead woman, anyway? Reeva Steenkamp and the stories of men Beautifully written by @glosswitch
Is Charles Clymer basically the Onion's new satirical project, or
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Please RT to raise awareness of the plight of cats trapped in a folk music environment
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Watching 28 Days/Weeks Later always makes me think 'I need to get stronger and faster at running' in case there's a zombie apocalypse.
I can't help but feel the lovely sentiment here is rather diluted by the illustration of a shitting dog.
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So this is a thing now apparently. As is hammering on the door on a Sunday to deliver the note with threats of fines.
And yes, I firmly believe he is just using the struggle of actual trans people as a shield for his own misogyny. The evidence is everywhere.
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This Clymer guy is using "gender identity" to manipululate, control and silence women. Don't tell me this never happens. #StopClymer
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Whenever my car breaks down, I do the proper #libertarian thing; leave it alone and let it fix itself.
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