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Louis C.K.
"Heres A poem about New Jersey. Its called Pollution. I shot an arrow into the air. It stuck" @OttoAndGeorge bye pal.
He was one of a kid and goddamn funny. And he loved comedy, movies. A dedicated comic. Very nice guy. Goodbye Ottoandgeorge
Im Very sad to lose Otto Petersen @OttoAndGeorge. Made me laugh so hard and a great guy. We did 2 weeks together in buffalo.
.@amyschumer is being very funny right now on NPR which is difficult. Good luck with season 2, Amy.
I forgot to tweet that I"m on SNL and it's half over. Hi.
Todd Barry’s Film Debuts on His Friend’s Website
Retweeted by Louis C.K.
jesus. I can't tweet effectively accurately or well. It's @toddbarry not todbarry. his special is on
. @toddbarry CROWD WORK on $5 is the first thing we've produced and sold for another comic. it's yay.
so @todbarry CROWD WORK special is on $5 It's really great. you must go buy it now and laugh a lot.
So you know you can buy tomorrow night all over the planet $5 or how ever many euros or pesos or blaps.
TOMORROW NIGHT is now up on It's a movie. It's $5. It's funny. People are in it. They're good. Yap.
me showing a clip of TOMORROW NIGHT ($5 on 12pm tomorrow 1/29) on Letterman…
My first movie "tomorrow night" (1998) will be up on for 5 bucks as always tomorrow at noon.
I wish all Americans would see DIrty Wars by @jeremyscahill it's on itunes. Holy moly @DirtyWars
Ok back to work. Thanks for the questions. Louis CK Oh My God at for 5 bucks and some extras. Dimes.
Louis CK Oh My God, my standup special is at for 5 little $. now I'll take your questions for a bit.
We are running a quick upgrade and should be back and better in under 5 minutes. Sorry this shit is foul. Please hang on.
There are WAY MORE of you buying than we expected. It will be fixed soon. Please keep trying. Plz report any successful buys.
If the site breaks try again soon. It's working for a lot of people. to buy oh my god 5$ yaimp
Hey. "Louis CK Oh My God" is on sale at for $5. And a free longer version with the download. And hi.
To be very clear. I was kidding. I meant the opposite. GO SEE @toddbarry Crowd Work Tour Tix
Seriously this is unique, funny and we will all die someday so why not? @toddbarry Crowd Work Tour. Tix
Please avoid @toddbarrys Crowd Work Tour #SanDiego, #LA, #SF, #PDX, #Seattle, #Vancouver, #Anchorage. Tix
Hi. I'm on letterman tonight. I can't watch it because I have Time Warner. Also how are you? Did you fall down recently? I hope not.
Well I'd be a real idiot (instead of a fake one) if I didn't say my standup special "Louie CK Oh My God" premieres on HBO tonight at 10pm.