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Louis C.K.
Goodbye pal. Thanks for everything.
I'm performing in Aug & Sept. on some shows for the Oddball Fest. Find the cities I'm doing and buy tix:
I saw an incredible beautiful movie called "the Lunchbox" by @riteshbatra its on itunes. whoever you are, you have to see jt.
Well. Tonight is the last 2 eps oF LOUIE season 4 10pm on FX (9CST) with @pamelaadlon. Thanks for watching this season. Yaimp.
Last 2 eps of Season 4. Finale of Louie on tonight. Trust. Get ready for the waterworks. #Louiefx @louisck
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This is from Arte's daughter. Please take it down @TMZ please don't watch it @you
Please don't go to TMZ to watch the video. Please ask them to take it down. @TMZ
Arte's brave daughter asked them to take it down. They won't.
Ur all crashing the Link to story. Tmz has a video of footage of my friends Tracy and Arte in a terrible crash. They are in ICU
Take it down TMZ. Now. Please.
Daughter of Ardie Fuqua, critically injured in Tracy Morgan crash, wants TMZ to remove gruesome video
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Tonight a 90 minute episode of LOUIE on FX at 10pm (9pm CST) lots of great people in it. It's all very intense. Oh my goodness.
Tonight. Charles Grodin Ellen Burstyn @pamelaadlon
Tonight. It's the fucking hurricane.
Next week is one 90 minute episode.
Tonight. 2 new eps of LOUIE on FX tonight at 10pm 9CST. 1st up is the last of Elevator. Then new stuff starts with 2nd ep.
I have my BIGGEST part yet in the 2nd ep of @LouieFX tonight. I also have a BIG new special for $5 on
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Tonight 2 new episodes of LOUIE on FX 10pm 9CST. What else can I say? I like jasmine rice and I don't like diseases.
violin scene from last night's LOUIE the great Ursula Parker… 2 new episodes every MOnday on FX 10pm est
2 new eps of LOUIE tonight on FX 10pm 9cst. Eszter Balint Ellen Burstyn. And Charles Grodin is back. Also flowers are pretty.
whoops. Sorry. the "Bang bang" scene was messed up. It's going up later today.
This is the opening Subway scene from episode 4 "Elevator 1"… 2 new eps of LOUIE every MONDAY FX 10pm
Here's the last scene from episode 3 "So did the Fat Lady"… the great Sarah Baker.
East coast people watching LOUIE please be aware there's another episode on right now. two every Monday on FX.
also yes. I am talking about the East coast right now. If you live in Western parts of America, it will be ten o'clock later.
10pm tonight there are 2 NEW eps of LOUIE on FX. That's in seventy two minutes. I'm trying to use up my one hundred and forty characters.
So 2 new eps of LOUIE tonight on FX at 10/10:30. Ellen burstyn Sarah Baker Bob Kelly ezther Balint are in it. Sorry no commas.
@louisck's Emmy-winning comedy #Louie is back for an outrageously funny fourth season tonight at 11pm First on FOX.
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here is the garbage man scene from episode 1 of s4. LOUIE on FX every Monday 2 episodes 10/10:30…
some day I'll tell. It was a delightful moment. Really very intelligent and sweet person. Riveting interview about her book.
At @CharlieRoseShow with @louisck, whom I called Louis B. K., but he was very nice about it
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Season 4 of LOUIE starts TONIGHT 10pm 9CST on FX two episodes back to back.Two more every monday. Got it? That's in 35 minutes.
tonight at 10pm 2 new episodes of LOUIE on FX. I hope you like to look at and listen to them.
and another pov from @tchmathculture who also knows her stuff.… yay for dialogue! nuance revolution!
this caring, thoughtful and qalified person @DianeRavitch wrote this about CCSS… listen to her. Not me.
So please watch all of those. They are good. My crew worked hard and made great episodes. I think. LOUIE FX season 4 10pm 5/5
Ok so this Monday 5/5 at 10pm the first 2 episodes of LOUIE are on back to back on FX. Then 2 more every Monday for 7 weeks.
I'm on letterman on CBS which starts soon. I think it was my favorite time I ever did the show. I love Dave and will miss him.
didn't mean to write Bill hates. I meant to write "doody faced rich guy". Oh just kidding. Alright I'm done. Go ahead and rip my head off.
Lastly these are my views as a parent. I'm sure I'm wrong about some of it. Does that mean you're wrong about none o it? Peace.
The test are written to CCSS standards. The teachers are forced to deliver high scores to those tests. Why pretend that cc has zero fault?
Everything important is worth doing carefully. None of this feels careful to me.
I trust a teacher over Pearson or bill hates any day of the week. Don't all be so defensive and don't be such bullies.
Teachers are underpaid. They teach for the love of it. Let them find the good in cc without the testing guns to their and our kids heads.
1st step to learn: Amit you're wrong. Listen improve your understanding. Let teachers decide how to guide kids to these new ideas
It's arrogant and hurts the goals of CCSS. CCSS is not perfect. You want to teach kids to think and reason. Try it yourself first.
CCSS. It's a new program. why defend it aS perfect? Why let poor test writers profit and tell parents and teachers they are "wrong".
Kids teachers parents are vocally suffering. Doesnt that matter? listen to them. Adapt and slow down CCSS. Cool it with the testing