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fσяєαℓ ℓσяєαℓ❥
What if Robin Williams was sucked back into Jumanji and is just waiting on someone to roll a 5 or 8?
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Looks like I'm going to Burger King tomorrow! #chickenfriesareback 😍
And with all of time and space laid out before me, I'd choose you a million times.
It's nice having some brother time @RMcCrite
Booked our room for the concert and now it just needs to get here because I can't wait any longer be reunited with my cousin!♡ @lorealr09
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I need more waterproof mascara. Jake leaves tomorrow morning. 😢😭
Every noise I hear I think it's Jake coming through the door with food. #imstarving
Enrolled my sister in 6th grade. She is growing up so fast. 😣
I wish my eyes could take photos.
Starting True Blood so I can be in the loop of things. 😁
I'm just going to move back to Edmond early. ✌️
I like documentaries about the ocean! #nerdalert
Can't wait to rock with all my @UCOBronchos August 19th with SoMo! Alma matar love bruh
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My mood fits with the weather right now. 😞😢
Ardmore needs a Freddy's. 😋
I need something good to happen.
Disappointing my family is my biggest fear. It's even got snakes beat
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A falling star fell from your heart and landed in my eyes.💘
Jake and I got to order wine tonight! 😜
Staying at the Choctaw Resort with Jake this weekend! 😄
The person in front of me paid for my coffee. ☺️ there are good people in the world! #PayItForward
Venti no whip white mocha ❤️💁
I got a little carried away during my selfie photo shoot 💁
I had a dream that the Chick Fil A was built beside my house which is funny because the people who own it are my neighbors. 👍
Found two geocaches! Done for the day! 😁😄
Found our first Geocache! 😄 #geocaching 7/22/14
Jake and I are geocaching 😂
No one will ever understand my love for football season 😍
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I'm having own photo shoot right now. #whowantstojoin 💁
I need someone to have lunch with me!
Trying to learn Spanish is way too hard for me 😣😫
I want a ticket to anywhere.
If you want to know where your heart is, look where your mind goes when it wonders.
Super good lifetime movie is on right now!! 😄
I can't tell if it's killing me or making me stronger.