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lσu ruí❥
Thankful for Big Sean 😍❤️💙
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I have an online shopping addiction.
William Sonoma is BAE ❤️
"How's my girl?" This 3 word sentence that could make any girls day in .2 seconds.
My boyfriend is in New Orleans for over a week #imisshim
Prayers for Paris❤️
Wake me up when I'm famous⭐️
why do girls gotta be the ones to ask to take a pic together like i would love if a guy was like "let's take a picture" and posted that ish
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Sometimes we expect more from others because we’d be willing to do that much for them.
💙🏈 @dallascowboys #dallascowboys #cowboysnation
“I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it.”
A spotless apartment, few weeks of homework finished, haven't eaten all day. #adderall
Never underestimate ur girls ability to know when you're lying to her. Just cus she don't call u on it, doesn't mean you've fooled her homie
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Going to the Dallas vs Seattle game with my love💙🏈
When bae does my dishes 😂@RMcCritee
2 more classes and then I get to see @lorealr09 😋🙌🏻
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Friends that nap together, stay together 😌❤️@lorealr099
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Hoodies are the best things! Like, am I wearing a bra? Probably not because I'm a guy but still the mystery is there.
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I fell in love with a beautiful boy and he still takes my breathe away 🎼
Guys complain about girls being hoes but they are just as sh*tty.
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@lorealr09 and I can see each other for an entire weekend and as soon as she leaves, I miss her. Does that make us friendship goals..?
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Dear construction people, give me my roads back so I don't have to freakin detour.
Imagine a boy describing you like that😩😍 xG
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I'm not liking Julio Jones 😒
I ❤️ the Tony Romo commercial 😂
Keep it up boys 💙�#dallascowboysys
Jaaaaaaaake 🙌�#Scandalal
Cyrus 👏🏼 Cyrus 👏🏼 Cyrus#Scandalcandal
Fitz & Olivia are goals. ❤️ #Scandal
Mellie's like, "We're in this together," and then Fitz is like, "I have all your clothes and dishes packed. Bye." #Scandal #WatchWithGlamour
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Greys, scandal, how to get away with murder!? Life is complete ❤️
If I download the sonic app, will it give me coupons? Lol
Shonda Rhimes... ily ❤️
No coffee? Ugh, depresso.
Gotta stay in school so I can provide for my future dog
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The food you eat during a game is almost... ALMOST as important as the game itself.
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The only light I ever saw❤️
Thighbrows are weirdly attractive.
What's with all the Kardashian apps? 😂
I ❤️ Bath-bombs 😍

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