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Lord Kalz
Empty the 4.5 pon a group of man. Cause me want find out a who name superman
Before you push badness go push a hand cart
Consumir la santa por el propio beneficio
So Adam died at 930...
La caida de babilonia
Gunshot fi bumboclott bwoy weh cyan hear ya kno
I like pussy but not up in my face so gimme 3 feet. Cause when we creep no less than 3 deep. Niggaz see sheep
People are trippin' cuz #RachaelDolezal of the #NAACP is a white person pretending to be Black. But the NAACP has ALWAYS been run by whites
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First thing u tell a bitch is how much yr not shit. Then she cant expect anything
Black feminist look stupid siding with a group that id against us. You hate the black man as well as yourself. #FeminismIsAwful #BlackPower
I love when the truth comes to light. People can talk all they want until they are proven wrong
Told the Judge u cant judge me
Im still right here shorty told u i got u. Remember how I scooped u when them faggot niggaz shot u
Fox news is like a big parody of actual news. Every1 seems to just be acting out a script. I cant believe people believe this shit.
I wonder what my last name is
The good die young so Im living ruthlessly
Its so hard to stay calm
Dutty badmind
Pido por mi gentes
"Chaupadi" is a traditional Hindu practice that banishes menstruating women to huts, caves, or animal sheds, away from their houses.
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Its crazy to see grown ups so thirsty for attention on social media.
Every day when I wake up I still feel tired.
Remember when Xxl actually wrote about music? RT @XXL: Pusha T recently cut off his braids. See who else in the rap game has cut their hair
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What type of disrespectful shit is #copslifesmatter. obviously they do everyones life does but were treated like black lives dont matter.
I dont want cops to die necessarily but being that they kill us and dont think our lives matter why should we care about their deaths?
no ones life matters more then any other.This is why #blacklivesmatters is relevant because 2 people like you some peoples lifes dont matter
@KiriLaurelle @LordKalz Thank you for taking the picture, I love it!
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"Willie lynch ptsd. In our neighborhoods we jump wakes like a jetski."…
The white supremacists r always telling Blk ppl 2 forgive cops who killed Blk children, but do THEY forgive #Mayweather 4 domestic violence?
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I dnt take the mayor seriously
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I found 163 people do not follow me back via
I found 163 people do not follow me back via
I found 163 people do not follow me back via
Real badman te dispara en la cabeza
Niggas need to stop being so selfish
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Kanye West is working on a documentary on and with Louis Farrakhan.
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Peace. Today's math is KNOWLEDGE BORN abbt KNOWLEDGE add CIPHER abbt KNOWLEDGE. Peace.
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How do you know when your going crazy
Just trying 2 live
Got some tracks in the vault. Dont know what to release though

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