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all i ask is to send me the right girl and let her show me how to love her.
someone have a conversation with me.
bae has to be decent in some sort of video game.
bae has to give bomb ass massages.
bae has to look good in a bikini.
@Waldo_AGO who is that at the end of Walking On Water. I want to listen to the entire interview
take my hand; i could show you.
I like her better when she calls me daddy.
you must have me confused for your knight in shining armor.
ethiopian queen.
You better use all that money you got for protection sayin shit like that gon get you assassinated Mr.Donald…
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if she slips up and calls you the wrong name during sex, just call her Stanley.
my work ethic got me where i am today.
to everything ive ever loved.
if you ain't shaking it for me, you're missing out.
Wish I followed like 10 people.
have you ever wondered what your moans sound like echoing?
put it in her butt so she doesn't catch feelings.
i wish someone was calling me bae.
yo this commercial said "yeast infections are no big thing".
not where the wild things are, but where the untamed things reside.
she said its kitty excersizes.
you can't afford me.
drown your moans in the music.
date with a pretty girl Friday.
Curry get out of here with that weak shit.
would rather be balls deep in the baddest bitch.
When your girlfriend mother like you and think you're a gentlemen but you're low key rearranging her daughters guts on a daily 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
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your girl handles balls better than Lebron + Curry.
you're god. I'm god. We're all god.
i can't wait to wake up, walk out my balcony with my dick swinging and say "good morning".
have i given you a reason other than my skin color for you to call me a "nigga".
still single, still ugly.
oh your nigga can sing, but can he hit you with a 720 fakie no-scope.
will someone bless me and hit me up to chill.
if you unfollowed me and we have fucked... "BITCH YOU CAN UNFOLLOW BUT YOU CANT UNSWALLOW".
there's this girl on my insta I want to marry. And she's close. 😍😍😘
i need my summer girlfriend

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