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I'm bored someone text me. Dm me for my #
All I ask is for some dome and affection.
she said “i want a man who can pick me up during sex” bitch you lucky i picked you up at all gas prices high as hell
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Relationships, don't last for shit nowadays.
Being 18 is boring, buying cigs, watching porn gets old after a while.
@theinnerreye: Quote this with a smoke selfie 👌”
A blunt for the good times, a blunt for the bad times, a blunt for everything in-between.
Do you suck dick girl, or nah?
she's about to go downtown for a whole hour.
A new favorite: Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment - Wonderful Everyday: Arthur by "Chance The Rapper"…
Can I get a few followers on my IG?
A new favorite: The Weeknd - Often (Kygo Remix) by @KygoMusic… on #SoundCloud
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Scared of being alone but afraid of commitment.
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The realist Chance The Rapper verse of all time.
I fuck you when I need you, I just need you for a bit.
Don't wait until I do wrong.
Someone come thru watch OINB and eat a pizza with be.
Still chasing after the tip top.
@DONALDO96211: These are the guys who call you a cunt on Xbox live” the kids we rage at @Dobbie04
Why that nigga Bosh look like he reads on a 4th grade level?
😔. Help a poor nigga out
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Thinking about selling my Haup. HDPVR2
THAT BITCH BETTER FLY OUT WHEN IM DONE TOO LMAO “@TheHolyKuran: Relationship goals😍”
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@JabariTheGreat and 300+ dumb bitches agreed with this.
Okay feminists are just saying anything now. This is fueled purely by misandry. This isn't even close to true
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Feminist stereotype more than anyone but complain about & fight against sterotypes. "Their urge to rape" bitch we aint all rapists FOH
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She's a model *PARTNEXTDOOR voice*
All the attention to you.
Open up to me.
Going to bed early tonight, there's just too much shit on my mind right now.
In deep thought tonight.
I watched an entire anime show (2 season, 24 episodes) in 3 days.
I'd love to sit on the beach with a blunt in my hand and a radio. Chilling.