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i didn't mean no harm.
Want some dome today.
I'm now ranked Elite (top 10%) in BROFORCE on Raptr!…
A new favorite: The Weeknd - Twenty Eight (Nightizm Remix) by @Nightizm… on #SoundCloud
Been at the hospital since 10 am.
This nigga said "norbital" earlier. Had me dying. @loupeeh
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@loupeeh it's been awhile since we done that.
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Awesome welcoming stomping kids in black ops 2 with my bro @Dobbie04
Anyone tryna play some #FarCry4 or #destiny #xbox360 only.
@Wonka114: Brah I jus dropped my turkey on the floor is yall delivering today? @pizzahut” 30 second rule b
@DuceAlmighty shit man. Feels like I've wasted so much time money and effort
I just want this one girl. She doesn't even text me first. when I do text her I feel like I'm bothering her.
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When Macklemore said "when I was in the 3rd grade, I thought that I was gay."
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@loupeeh: I can't wait to doctor on your body.” I read that wrong the first time 😂
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Jiraiya 6'3 gettin curved by women he perv on. Boy if you don't start slam dunkin the pussy in the name of Mt.Myuboku
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I can't wait to doctor on your body.
Dear White People, Stop telling us what MLK would think of today's world. Maybe we'd know if y'all didn't kill him. Thanks, Black People
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Killing our sons. Oversexualizing our daughters. Destroying our icons. Mocking our cultures. At the same time stealing our identities.
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My whole karma is off.
Yo, remember when Vick went to jail for harming animals? THEY VALUE THEIR FUCKING ANIMALS OVER US.
I've never been so angry in my life, this is how they value us.
If you ask me, the only difference between the KKK & current white law enforcement is a switch from white hoods to white collars. I'm tired.
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If this is the world we live in, I want no part of it.
Ginseng tea my niggas.
this whole Iggy situation is completely wrong. There's nothing even slightly cool about this. I was…
She was so hollow inside.
@prihncess lol I'm not gunna leave you again.
@prihncess lol where have you been 😔
can you feel it?
You won't get away with just a thank owe me a favor.
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when she's ready to go I never let her leave.