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Clinton Wz Impeached
Todd Akin: Bill Clinton's 'history of sexual assault' far worse than 'legitimate rape' remark...
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Lie By The Media: Violence in C. America is NOT primary factor in illegals coming to US.…
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Chelsea Clinton speaking fees can reach $75,000…
Ed Klein Hillary Clinton Inner Circle 'Despicable'…
.@HillaryClinton Says She 'Donated' High Speaking Fees to 'Charity'... aka the Clinton Foundation via @BreitbartNews
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‘Blood Feud’ Author: Obamas Will Only Support Hillary in 2016 if They Have ‘No Other Choice’…
The Supreme Court keeps smokin' Obama. Still waiting for the @CorruptOldMedia to put tell that big story happening here. #SCOTUS #tcot
Bill and Hillary Clinton musical coming to NY | PopWatch…
Maybe Chelsea should go into her father in-law's business -- felony bank fraud…
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Bill Clinton: “I Hate That More Than Any Man I’ve Ever Met, More Than Any Man Who Ever Lived"
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Bill says he agrees--- #Hildebeast is a great name for Hillary
"I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every frm of tyranny over the mind of man." --Thomas Jefferson @WarOnLiberty
. #TCOT Hillary Talks Guns On CNN: 'Minority Terrorizes Majority' | The Daily Caller
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Bill and Hillary Clinton: The Crony Capitalists in Chief…
@ksteven37: Wealthy Clintons Use Trusts to Limit Estate Tax They Back @drudgereportapp” How could this B. #Patriots?
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Bill Clinton is not 1/100th the man that George HW Bush is. #ABushFamilyAlbum
Damn you Ross Perot for giving us Bill Clinton. #aBushFamilyAlbum
#Hillary2016. Great idea, lets elect the corrupt wife of an impeached President. @CorruptHillary @IdiotHillary
Bill Clinton and Eric Holder released/pardoned 14 #FALN Terrorists who had murdered at least 9 Americans. Still, the media love them both.
Chelsea Clinton: Bill Clinton's actions 'taught me the importance of doing right' | Mobile Washington Examiner…