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Clinton Wz Impeached
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Hillary Aide: Bill Put Cheating On Hold For Presidential Run…
The media is working hard to stoke the #Ferguson Riots. The Nov. Ratings period ends on Wed, they benefit from higher ratings during riots.
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After telling Americans not to go to #LasVegas and spend their money, its great to go to Las Vegas and spend their $
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There is no bigger fraud of a "Foundation" than the #ClintonFoundation. What idiots would donate to this fraud? Corrupt leftists.
Clinton Foundation spends $8+ Million on travel in 2013. Bill, Hillary and Chelsea all demand private jets for travel…
Twice Obama told Americans not to go to #LasVegas and spend their money. Now he's coming here Fri to encourage illegals to come here.
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Attkisson: Faith In Government Has Declined Due To Obama Administration Lies. #tcot…
Impeached Bill Clinton says he's surprised by midterm loses. #tcot…
Rape Allegations: Bill Cosby Hunted, Bill Clinton Celebrated via @BreitbartNews
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Impeached Bill Clinton says he's surprised by midterm loses. Hah! He and Hillary helped make the losses happen.…
Never forget--- Liberal Democratic Icon Bill Clinton was impeached by the House.
Bill Clinton useless wherever he campaigned, especially Arkansas.…?
Bill Clinton bombs in #LasVegas. Went there to give a speech for Democrat candidates, and small crowd, gets virtually no votes. #ClintonFail
Democrat in S Carolina calls Republican Nikki Haley a "whore" during campaign rally---and laughs. #WarOnWomen…
.@MonicaLewinsky says she is "Patient Zero" in bullying --- remember, it was Clinton's and Democrats who did, and still do, the bullying.
Hey, @MonicaLewinsky is now on Twitter. #WarOnWomen by Clinton's will continue.
Hillary think of this picture when you have the chance it hold your loved ones and tell me what does it matter
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Bill Clinton was impeached
Watch: Following Speech, Pryor Takes on-Stage Selfie With … Impeached Bill Clinton…
In Arkansas, Impeached Bill Clinton tries to save Democrats from Barack Obama |
Bill Clinton Appears in Ad for Alison Lundergan Grimes. #billclinton was impeached…
@ClintonImpeach *and keep your daughters out of the White House 😬
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Those who want to make the argument for #Hillary2016 ignore that her husband was impeached. So Bill gets a do-over? Heaven help us!
@ClintonImpeach Nixon almost was, had enough savoy to resign bf impeachment. President Ford was only 1 to leave office w/o money gain
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Two US Presidents have been impeached. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. Both were Democrats. #tcot
The Clinton team is following reporters to the bathroom. Here’s why that matters. - The Washington Post…
BTW, Bill Clinton was impeached over lies that are nothing compared to the ones Barack Obama is telling. #tcot #ObamaLies
Impeached Idiot Bill Clinton outlines 100-day agenda for next president…
Obama pissing on our troops with this half-ass "salute" while holding a coffee cup. #ObamaSalute #tcot
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Ex official claims Hillary Clinton had State Dept docs concerning Benghazi destroyed.…
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Bill Clinton was impeached, now it appears that he and his wife want to get back in the White House.
Never forget, Bill Clinton was impeached.
Hillary Clinton To Decide On 2016 Run By Jan 1. #tcot…
Hillary's policies led to Benghazi terror attack and rise of #ISIS. Other than that.....…
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As long as I keep people thinking about #Ferguson, they'll forget about all my scandals. -bo
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Impeached Bill Clinton has a birthday today. Stain a Blue Dress to celebrate!
Whenever you refer to Bill Clinton --- make sure to call him "Impeached Bill Clinton." @CorruptOldMedia loves to ignore that fact.
Hey, tomorrow is Impeached Democrat Bill Clinton's 68th birthday! Wish Impeached Bill a Happy Birthday!
WASHINGTON: Clinton’s lead over GOP candidates shrinking | National Politics | News Democrat…