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Richard Quier
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Suddenly I'm in a really shiity mood
Shout out to all the single good guys who don't stand a chance because all girls want are guys that'll make them cry these days
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I just remembered. I hate my family
Brian: wow this song is really good. I'm going to download this song Me: this sandwich is really good. I'm going to download this sandwich
Take ya to the back, we smashing skins
Old Russian couple from Khalilov village, Russia, have been happily married for 65 years
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A woman's anger is like a 'Check Engine Light'. There's no easy way to know what caused it, so just ignore it and hope it goes away.
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Ya know what world, you got me cornered again. I'm going to roll another joint
Just saw another google maps car
Just saw the google maps car
I'm Osama Bin Semen, the vaginal terrorist
I can be either be the nicest gentleman or the biggest asshole you've ever met. It just all depends on how you treat me.
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I'm not calling her a slut, but she's been pounded more times than the ā€œIā€œ in PIXAR
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Scientists recently discovered that bitches, do in fact, be trippin'.
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I'm just a regular everyday normal guy. Nothing special about me, motha fucka
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Damn and to think I actually felt bad for you. Haha fuck you go suck another dick
I'm pretty sure I just saw Bill Clinton driving a Mustang
Beware of Ginger Jesus
I'll take a pumpkin spice flavored everything, thank you.
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Well ain't that some shit
I consider hitting a girl the most pussy thing a guy could ever possibly do
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Who had the better return? RT for Chicken Fries Fav for Michael Jordan
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