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That sleep was pointless 😑
If u didn't play with these your childhood sucked bruh
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Ffs what have I done
@_OhSoJay: Lukaku lips are so black when he kissed the camera i thought my tv turned off.” 😮😮😭😂😂😂
He played my dad on my show and now I look older than him. #BETAwards
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Ffs how did I end up in Holborn
Went face first into the ground 😭😭
Just saw this guy running from police and he took this dirty fall omds 😂😂😂
White girl: Mum I slept with Paul Mum: Isn't that your dad? White girl: yeah White mum: You saucy cow ill put the kettle on
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@BaeSlapWeh: I'll catch a case for this year 7 😊 idc”
Most people have forgotten that Ashley Cole played for Arsenal 😭
These transfer sources accounts love to sell dreams
@sharkzuk: Is it me or is Dappy starting to look like drake....😕” nahh lool
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@LookitsONeil mmm i dnno...i don't think his intention was to kill her, but the story just doesn't add up
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New Month , New Opportunities 🙌
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Is anyone else boiling???
@LookitsONeil: This Pistorius trial is taking forever!”!!!
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Ohh noo how am I posing like this 😂 back in like 2006/07 �
This Pistorius trial is taking forever!