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Lil' Mac.
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My bf says if I cheat on him it better be with Mac Miller ... Am I tripping orrrrr ?
Omg, Dontcha is such an amazing song. I can't get it off replay! @intanetz
Ain't even gone lie, he's my other half dude..
I'm genuinely happy
PC is killing me..
I've been bloated for like 4 days..
My girl don't always go fishing, but when she does, she catches seagulls lmao
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Bounce it bounce it.. im bout to throw a couple thousand🎶
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Ol long neck ahhhh
Dusty booty ass
Lucy over there , damn get out my face.
stay out of my business !!
Dear god , why are you testing me ?
I'm just gonna stop right here lmao
If you really think .... just stop
It kinda sucks when people don't realize how much you care about them.
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Why am I sick ?!
I really don't care ....
Fxck what you think
I miss my boyfriend
Wow grandma , you really done it this time didn't you
She always wants it in the butt.. haahaha
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Your girl, she might say "Whatever." 💁 But she really means "Fuck you nigga."🙍
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LeeRoyyyyyyy!!! <3
@MacMiller: New Miley very tight.” @Leisa_Novosel 😱😱😩😫😭
My gawd I love this picture so much.. c;
My babies turning up! Tannen & Rachel
If I say Mac Miller into the mirror 3 times, will he show up?
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Shiiiii what's the move tonight?
I'm supposed to be hanging out with will today where that nigga at
If we talk and I drop hoes for you and you fuck me over you owe me some hoes real talk
Like right down the damn road from you!!! Lol
You just don't shake your ass all around mfing Walmart do you?
Twerking is trashy.. Unless you're doing it for your boothang (;
Miss the beach but not the buuuurn
Yeah I'm the only person on my TL right meow
Why in the actual fuck is Kelsey up rn ? She usually crashes around like 12 or 1
I haven't had sex in like forever