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That Blonde Girl✌
I just want to be wanted
The worst thing is thinking you have a really good support system when really, no one gives a shit
I feel like I'm falling but I don't know who to look for to catch me when I do
Hair so long Rapunzel ain't got nothing on me✌
I don't care what anyone else says, I've got SOOOO much respect for Macklemore✌
As soon as I'm old enough to leave my town, I'm gone. Yes there are good memories, but I need a new start; badly.
I don't get how some people sleep naked, I really don't
Who needs sleep when there's the Internet?
What is a "thun thun" and why can't I drop it?
Guys sweaters > girls sweaters
I have this thing where if you have bad grammar we can't be amazing friends, we'll only be friends
Whenever I think my ass looks bad I just remind myself that it looks a million times better than Miley Cyrus' ass👌
If someone misses me by my hair I'll be so honoured, like thank you for noticing these luscious looks and for appreciating and missing them
Everyone's always enough, it's just that someone else is always just a bit more "enough" for others than you
Yes, my shorts are shorter than most. However my ass makes them shorter than what they're intended to look like #DealWithIt
There's probably only like 10 songs I actually like on my phone outta the 800+
I feel like that Chloe song that Emblem3 sings basically just says "hey, you're uglier than your sister but I'll take you."
If your tweets look like "RT if.." I might come and kill you and your family. #stahp
Can't I just look like a hippie? I mean, I've got the hair for it
Having to look nice, happy, active and fit during the school might be the death of me