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Adrian Pope
Italy is kicking ASS
Why can't we elect fruits as Presidents, why only vegetables!? #strawberry4president
جعبالي سندويشة سوبريم من عند تايم اوت
Very interesting, thought you might like it
ذات مومنت لما بتعلق شقفة اكل ظريفة بين سنانك .. ما بتدايق بالعكس بتسلي .. وتضل عم تلعب فيها طوال اليوم حتى...
شعر ايديها أطول من شعر ايديي وعم تضحكلي !! روحي عمو عيب عليكي بطلت حاكي بنات انا ...
Was trying to be a WiseAss and tried to type my #Password fast so noone would see.. Typed it in the login space & everyone saw #FML #FAIL
I would like to thank my arms for always being by my side ... Also my legs for supporting me ... Finally I would...
اول شي الف مبروك دودي انك صرتي سويدية عقبال عندي وحبيت أسألك عن موضوع التمارين ! انو هدول بيعلموكن ياهن بالمدرسة...
All the faith he Had Had Had Had no effect on the outcome of his life..
WTF Facebook ????
ذات مومنت لما Steve بيكون سوري صرلو عشرين سنة هون اسمو مصطفى بس بيدلعوه باميركا صطيف ههه
U N I sex I aint gonna say no to that lol Ibrahim
تن تن تن تن تن تن تن تن تن تن تن تن تن تن .... خضرة يا بلادي خضرة ...
Behind Some Girls .. There's A Great Behind
People Awake And Happy lol
Feels good to be the best
Sorry but asians should not drive
When everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.
Hard work pays off in the future. Laziness pays off now. #lazy #me
My theory of evolution is that Darwin was adopted
If a road runs parallel to a river, there's probably a bridge nearby. No reason to cross five lanes of traffic, Frogger, you dumbshit.
There's two kinds of people in this world #men and #women