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Death By Reality
It's fucking freezing, thank god birchy is giving me a lift to college today
What the fuck even is Kreayshawn
the rubber band didn't work:/
This has seriously been the worst week of my life, I don't know what I'd do without @littlebitofblue , thankyou, I love you<3
R.I.P nana, you'll always be in my heart, I love you, you're safe now
what's cooler than cool? ice cold aw rite
i am just so fucking cool omg
not after my little glitch, gonna play some games till I'm tired though, night.
actually fuck no, let's not, not after what happened the other day, I'll just wait till Saturday
and let the drinking, begin!
can't wait for Satuday, gonna get hammered
gonna grab some whiskey from downstairs and watch some videos till I fall asleep
i'm just gonna sit in my room alone
can't even untangle my fucking headphones I'm shaking that much
you know what, fuck this
plus I had a fucking awful day at college, I woke up late, panicking about my work
fucking brilliant, that and then I get home to everyone being pissed off at me, fuck life
Actually fuck film, gonna watch xPeke play League
Gonna stick a film on and try to get to sleep
I want to fucking sleep but I just can't seem to