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Loko Bueno or LB
You want to be an integral part of the social activities today... More for Virgo
Your emotions may conflict with your logic once the moody Moon... More for Virgo
You might not know whether to stand on your soapbox and shout ... More for Virgo
You can tap into a rich source of creativity today, but you mu... More for Virgo
Balancing your innate need to have all the details in place wi... More for Virgo
It's a brand new day and you can make a fresh start handling f... More for Virgo
No matter how much you want to follow your prearranged schedul... More for Virgo
Your current inclination is to put a positive spin on everythi... More for Virgo
Moving a project forward can be quite time consuming today bec... More for Virgo
You work best when you have a detailed plan that you can execu... More for Virgo
You may encounter an unexpected speed bump on the road of life... More for Virgo
It seems as if your emotions are settling down now that the pr... More for Virgo
You could be extremely self-critical now as you consider your ... More for Virgo
You may struggle to be upfront about your own desires, yet you... More for Virgo
You could make a choice for all the wrong reasons now if you p... More for Virgo
You seem to have a more profound sense of what commitments you... More for Virgo
You're highly susceptible to people's opinions now, even if th... More for Virgo
You are on a wild emotional ride now as you feel irrepressible... More for Virgo
What you say is less important today than how you say it. Ther... More for Virgo
You have a clearer picture of your future now than you have ha... More for Virgo
Your fantasies can seem so real today that you actually believ... More for Virgo
RT:@VirgoPeoples: #Virgos are calm in chaos. But, once disrespected they are very impulsive. 👉👌👉😎
Someone may be withholding important information from you now,... More for Virgo
RT:@VirgoPeoples: #Virgos are sharp, quick witted and smart; this gives their humor a clever and sarcastic edge.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️#Factz
You can feel the tension today if logic isn't leading you to t... More for Virgo
You may try to deepen a business or personal relationship now,... More for Virgo
You may be yearning for a radical new experience that can teac... More for Virgo
You have the power of persuasion on your side today and could ... More for Virgo
Don't lose touch with your own needs today because the Moon's ... More for Virgo
You are usually the champion of analyzing situations and disce... More for Virgo
There's an uncharacteristic rigidity to your decisions today. ... More for Virgo
Sometimes you want to wait for everything to be perfect before... More for Virgo
On that note y'all have a great day 😊
You are thriving in your creative element now and are eager to... More for Virgo
Openly sharing your feelings today has a direct impact on your... More for Virgo
The intensity of your feelings begins to cool today, but this ... More for Virgo
You would be quite content these days if people left you alone... More for Virgo
Although you think you know exactly what you want today, your ... More for Virgo
It might seem as if you have been quietly planning forever, bu... More for Virgo
You could be feeling as if you are stuck in a corner with no c... More for Virgo