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Logan Vine.
Fuck iPhone chargers 💀
When I was a kid I thought life would get easier as I got older😂
Chipotle never gets old
Now I gotta ask Santa for a new skateboard
Where's me skateboard😥
You know your class is boring when your phone goes from 100% to 66% in one period😂😂😂
Forget a house, I want an estate
I notice everything, I just act like I don't.
That feeling when you don't even know what the fuck you're feeling.
You have to go through the worst to get the best
I swear every girl does this shit to me
Slide in my dms if ur interested in anything😊
Anyone trying to buy an iPhone 5 perfect condition
This is my first time in the actual hood and I'm scared
Everytime someone sneezes or coughs I can't help but to think that they have ebola
Craving a cruise but Ebola
That was intense 👮
Logan and Isaiah take home the W tonight
Show me the hoefax!
The guy at five guys just bitched cause I made an ebola joke😂
Well that was fun
Everyone sucks at snapchat
If anyone wants a free gold watch, I just threw one in the windermere downs dock lake for the snapchat😂
Do u ever get really tempted to take peoples offers on twitter? Like ive only talked to u once in my life but ya sure lets get breakfast lol
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Like how does someone even manage to drive a bus into a ditch...
Take kare - yung thug ft lil wayne 🔥🔥
Bout to go long boarding where u at @kyleMFbarrow
Cleaning your ears with a q-tip is an indescribable experience👼
Girls with the fresh out of the shower smell are the real MVPs let's be honest
Thank god for snapchat
Ive always wanted a double chin
Forever praising people who tell you how it is straight up
Math and meth sound alike. Except one ruins your life and the other is meth.
Someone sell me a gopro asap
Where does Logan vine get all these cars in his snap story?
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Everyone pray for my sister. Nothing's wrong with her, she just likes black guys
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I was accepted into my dream college today! Tallahassee Community College ⭐️💸�#fuckbitchesgetmoneyey
1 pro of not being a scholar is not having to do college applications
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School is going to be empty tomorrow😂
@sophialentine7: Feeding the homeless makes me happy” RFT🙏
I hate anything ordinary
Liberty High School sleeping while the other school's dance team is out 😂 Brentwood,
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Looking for a full time homework assistant. Aka you do all my homework, all the time.
There is a fine line between being cocky and being confident in yourself
I have to be successful because I love expensive shit
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The best stuff really does happen unexpectedly
My father isn't too fond of my police lights
I hate feeling like I let somebody down
Help me with my homework if it's real