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When you're reading a manual and you know you have no idea what it says :D Soooo me !
@ShelleyAztech Sure, scary stories hahaha...2 complete Geeks in a bossom of nature...I wouldn't expect any less but scary ....totally :D
@ShelleyAztech Yea yea I mean if it doesn't kill you it will make you stronger....or something :D #MarshmallowParty
@ShelleyAztech U mean Grouchy Smurf ? : ) All u need is a bag of Marshmallows ! Where there are Marshmallows there is hope.
@ShelleyAztech Yeah I call it a...happy hardcore workflow experience : ) #GeekPower ! :D
@ShelleyAztech This is how I did it back in 1996.Only 4 tracks available :D.What a luxury that was ! #Amiga #Music
@KelleeMaize I don't think he is going to take life too seriously in future : )
New @NeillBlomkamp's Aliens movie with Michael Biehn and....Bill Paxton ? : ) I wouldn't mind at all !
@whittake2 I'll be uploading it soon. I need some more tea to get inspired even more : ) and get it finished. Have a good weekend!
Working on a horror intro track. Never had done that before. #inspired @whittake2
Why do dentists use Local Anaesthetic if its not freaking working ?! :P At least not for me. #WentThroughHell #Survivor
A guy named Tony found my credit card on the street in NYC and returned it! Tony! You make this city even greater! Thanx. HANX.
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@whittake2 I would be honoured, Sir.
@whittake2 @robertpatrickT2 You should play an FBI agent one day : ) You would be perfect 4 that role Stuart!
@whittake2 Doin A-ok,thx! Bought some new gear l8ly,working on some new tunes,gotta finish them 1 day : )
@whittake2 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ! ^^ Thanks ! How is you ? Working on any new project?
You are an asshole if u offend other people's beliefs. Simple as that. #FreedomOfSpeech #CharlieHebdo #Dallas
@4mat_scenemusic Wow ! This track's a killer ! Love your style Matt !
Got Roland FA-06...WHaT ??! ONLY 4 smps can b played at a time!?Even my old #Amiga from 1992 was able 2 do better than that ! : ) @Roland_US
:O I've just been offered money if I remove neg comment I left for one store. Ummm no : ) You can't buy me : ) Have a nice day ! : )
Happy Mother's Day to all Mums, especially mine ! : ) And to all Mums: Always Choose Life, Your Mother Did. #Prolife #Forever
Every child back in school in Central African Republic is a victory - Caritas Internationalis
This is gonna be totally awesome !:D Self-lacing trainers soon to be released #BackToTheFuture #Nike #shoes
Wish you all the best in the forthcoming New Year 2014 and lots of good #music tonight. #HNY #RaveON
Merry Christmas everyone ! : ) #Hope #Peace #Joy !
@EricaChaseMusic Hello Erica ! : ) How are you doing ? Christmas shopping ? : )
Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans and my American friends and followers ! : )
Never forget those heroes who fought so hard, in order for us to have what we all take for granted. #rememberanceday
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Big thanks to @itshollis for adding me to your twitter-rockstars. Thanks Jason! #honoured #music
@debnwood Hello Deborah : ) I see you had a really great time on tour. #rockon #music #photography
Holocaust survivors remember Irena Sendler, who saved 2,500 children from the Warsaw ghetto - via @BBCNewshour
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Miss World: ‘I’m #prolife’ and ‘Sex is for marriage’ via @TheRightsWriter
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I don't need the government's permission to live my faith. #ObamaCare
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"METRO"(Today): A state has come under fire for plans to issue gun licences to blind people."A WHAAAT ?!!! Guns to...blind people?! :D #news
Big thanks to @BryantMcGill for adding me to your top-producers list. If you ever in Manchester, very big pizza is on me : ) #honoured
One thing that never expires but always inspires is #music.
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Just got one of these : ) Mickey Mouse Watch...U know...once kid, forever kid ;) #ForeverYoung ^^
What to do before you go into the studio >
Congratulations to William and Kate!! #Royalbaby

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