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@thelittleidiot Do you offend other people's beliefs too or is it only Christianity ? You have no shame and no honour.
@TakedaRina Are you coming to the UK Rina-san ? : ) Would love to see you in the UK or Poland : )
@oyutama 私をフォローしてくれてありがとう。 (Thanks for following), Arigato ! :D I hope I got it right : )
@TakedaRina Thx 4 following me Rina-san ! It's a great honour for me to be followed by such a beautiful and talented actress&martial artist.
@ShelleyAztech Beautiful as usual : )
Just an idea of the intro horror track, a concept art.Inspired by Twin Peaks series,Silent Hill 1 & 3games @whittake2
@LilaGraceRose "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity" Albert Einstein @PPIAction #DefundPlannedParenthood
We need 100K signatures to send this message to Congress: Defund @PPact. Sign the petition —>
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@ShelleyAztech You look fantastic Shelley ! Did you enjoy your 2 days off ?
@BobbysFoods Are you kidding me ? :D Those have been my fav ones for so many years now ! Check it out :D #blessed
@LifeSite That is so sick ! What kind of man one must be to do such a thing...
@iHeartRadio The one behind them.
Create the music that feels good to you
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@BobbysFoods I've just had one. Feaking good stuff ! Please don't make it just a limited edition, please please please ! : )
@cerreur @renoise No ! ...Ok on a serious note: ). Its just a happy hard core beat mashup. Made it purely for fun.
Happy HC rmx of "Format" uploaded Thx 4 allowing me to torture your tune @cerreur : ). Made in @renoise
My baby Mikey ! : ) Thank you so much Miss Norwood ! You rock ! @TMNTMaster…
@debnwood He looks so booyakasha ! :D Totally ! #TMNT @TMNTMaster #SoTalented
@cerreur You can do it...I believe in you hahahah :D Have a good one mate !
@cerreur LOL I'm pretty much the same here, I've bought a Mackie mixer, got it yesterday but I was so "Can't be arsed" to hook it all up..:D
@ShelleyAztech @CassieAztech I've just noticed, its quite dark in the photo. What time was it ? :D
@debnwood Don't worry about it, you are doing great, just....cowabunga :D ! This is really epic ! I'm so excited. #ThisLadyIsWicked #TMNT
@debnwood Looks freaking awesome !
@debnwood Can u make one for me too ? Id love to have Michaelangelo : )
@danwood_uk Hahahahah yeah thats :D
@4mat_scenemusic I'm too addicted to Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer online mode to find some time to play anything else :D
Please help support Respect Yourself, add a #Twibbon now!
When you're reading a manual and you know you have no idea what it says :D Soooo me !
@ShelleyAztech Sure, scary stories hahaha...2 complete Geeks in a bossom of nature...I wouldn't expect any less but scary ....totally :D
@ShelleyAztech Yea yea I mean if it doesn't kill you it will make you stronger....or something :D #MarshmallowParty
@ShelleyAztech U mean Grouchy Smurf ? : ) All u need is a bag of Marshmallows ! Where there are Marshmallows there is hope.
@ShelleyAztech Yeah I call it a...happy hardcore workflow experience : ) #GeekPower ! :D
@ShelleyAztech This is how I did it back in 1996.Only 4 tracks available :D.What a luxury that was ! #Amiga #Music
@KelleeMaize I don't think he is going to take life too seriously in future : )
New @NeillBlomkamp's Aliens movie with Michael Biehn and....Bill Paxton ? : ) I wouldn't mind at all !
@whittake2 I'll be uploading it soon. I need some more tea to get inspired even more : ) and get it finished. Have a good weekend!
Working on a horror intro track. Never had done that before. #inspired @whittake2
Why do dentists use Local Anaesthetic if its not freaking working ?! :P At least not for me. #WentThroughHell #Survivor
One month after #NepalEarthquake, Caritas has reached 100,000 ppl with aid:
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A guy named Tony found my credit card on the street in NYC and returned it! Tony! You make this city even greater! Thanx. HANX.
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@whittake2 I would be honoured, Sir.
@whittake2 @robertpatrickT2 You should play an FBI agent one day : ) You would be perfect 4 that role Stuart!

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