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Luke With Braces
Happy Mother's Day to all Mums, especially mine ! : ) And to all Mums: Always Choose Life, Your Mother Did. #Prolife #Forever
Every child back in school in Central African Republic is a victory - Caritas Internationalis
This is gonna be totally awesome !:D Self-lacing trainers soon to be released #BackToTheFuture #Nike #shoes
Wish you all the best in the forthcoming New Year 2014 and lots of good #music tonight. #HNY #RaveON
Merry Christmas everyone ! : ) #Hope #Peace #Joy !
@EricaChaseMusic Hello Erica ! : ) How are you doing ? Christmas shopping ? : )
Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans and my American friends and followers ! : )
Never forget those heroes who fought so hard, in order for us to have what we all take for granted. #rememberanceday
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Big thanks to @itshollis for adding me to your twitter-rockstars. Thanks Jason! #honoured #music
@debnwood Hello Deborah : ) I see you had a really great time on tour. #rockon #music #photography
Holocaust survivors remember Irena Sendler, who saved 2,500 children from the Warsaw ghetto - via @BBCNewshour
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I don't need the government's permission to live my faith. #ObamaCare
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"METRO"(Today): A state has come under fire for plans to issue gun licences to blind people."A WHAAAT ?!!! Guns to...blind people?! :D #news
Big thanks to @BryantMcGill for adding me to your top-producers list. If you ever in Manchester, very big pizza is on me : ) #honoured
One thing that never expires but always inspires is #music.
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Just got one of these : ) Mickey Mouse Watch...U know...once kid, forever kid ;) #ForeverYoung ^^
Congratulations to William and Kate!! #Royalbaby
#SoHot all the corns on the stalks started popping and flying through the air. The cows thought it was snowing. And they froze to death.
MT @azina: Proud to have a governor who stands up for the rights of the innocent & voiceless. @GovernorPerry
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There’s ‘no higher calling’ than defending life: Texas Gov. Rick Perry #prolife #awesome
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Just bought my 1st skateboard.Looking forward to my first ride...I hope I wont break anything :D #veryexcited
Happy Father's Day ! : ) I love u dad,thanks 4 everything u've done for me and you still do, u are the best !
@EricaChaseMusic Hahah I knew it : ) ! If there is a #guitarmaniac there is only one...and its Erica : )
#GuyTip A woman's heart is intricate and beautifully complex, It is not a puzzle to be solved, It is a masterpiece to be admired....
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My friend has recently seen an invisible man... and I was like: "What does he look like?" :D #foreverblond
@KelleeMaize I don't think the little black one is willing to be back in water again ^^
#2 MOST READ this week-Super Bowl champ Matt Birk skips meeting with Obama over ‘God bless Planned Parenthood’ remark
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@DJIronik ...a man without personality is like a turntable without vinyl.
You can photoshop your face, but you cant photoshop your heart.
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@LOFI911 Thanks for all your support and RTs! What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?
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@RespectYourself My pleasure.My grandma once said:"Whatever u do,do it in good style" and I like"Let the smile b yar umbrella": )
@Fact I say this like all the time ! ^^ Pizza rocks !
People who consume more pizza may actually be decreasing their risk of cancer. PIZZA RULES!
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@Fact Yellow&orange (cheese), red (tomato) ? : )
Creative ppl are more likely to have a harder time falling asleep during the night. Experiencing a burst of ideas & thoughts.
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BREAKING NEWS:The alien invasion's coming!If u dont want yar brain 2B sucked out by da aliens put on tin foil hat now
@FludWatches Is this watch going to be available anywhere in the UK ? Freakin love it !
Mozart wrote a piano piece that required the player to use both hands and their nose.
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