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Are You Too Emotionally Invested in Your Job?
Dan Gilbert: When Do We Become The Final Version of Ourselves? : NPR
Science Reveals How to Make Yourself Appear More Trustworthy
Your Brain's Anatomy Decides If You're Rational or Emotional - Softpedia
Cornell researchers: Actually, you should weigh yourself every day - The Washington Post @RachGolden
In the Style of Demons: Sleep Paralysis Is the Worst Trip Ever
Your Facial Bone Structure Has a Big Influence on How People See You - Scientific American
Friends, then benefits | The Economist
How California's drought could spur an ecological rebirth | US news | The Guardian
Agencies Make Plans to Step Up Planetary Defense - The New York Times
For mindful teaching of mindfulness | The Psychologist @RobbMapou
What It Really Means To Be Psychotic: The Difference Between Psychosis And Psychopathy
Musicians not only hear in tune, they also see in tune - @RachGolden
Biodiversity Reduces Human, Wildlife Diseases And Crop Pests
The Unseen Extinction Wiping Out the World's Wildlife
SABC News - Landmark resolution signals new era of protection for global commons :Friday 19 June 2015 @RachGolden
For believers, fear of atheists is fueled by a fear of death
IUCN - A major step towards a legally-binding deal for the high seas @RachGolden
The 10 Percent of the Brain Myth is Still Bullshit, Neuroscientists Say
Putting a Price on Nature — NOVA Next | PBS @RachGolden
Scientists propose new evolution model for tropical rainforests
Changing Climate Prompts Boreal Forest Shift
Biotech firm creates fake rhino horn to help save real rhinos Read more:… @RachGolden
Taranis protein could hold key to a good night's sleep
Scientists call for gap between genomics and invasion biology to be bridged @RachGolden
more evidence that the #anthropocene is here - new paper identifies 'Accelerated modern human–induced species losses'…
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Germany is turning 62 military bases into wildlife sanctuaries
Good verbal memory makes kids better liars
More Empathetic People Have Physically Different Brains | Popular Science
In Search of Life’s Smoking Gun - Issue 25: Water - Nautilus
Will climate change stop people from visiting America's national parks?
'Genomics holds key to understanding ecological and evolutionary processes' | EurekAlert! Science News
Snake fungal disease parallels white-nose syndrome in bats | EurekAlert! Science News
90% of Amazon deforestation occurs outside protected areas
New migraine drugs show promise | Machines Like Us
Happy #WorldOceansMonth - marine protected areas and PADDD avoided in Belize and Australia - new blog!…
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World Day to Combat Desertification observed at Expo Milano - @RachGolden
Renewable energy's record year helps uncouple growth of global economy and CO2 emissions | EurekAlert! Science News
NIH-funded researchers identify new genetic immune disorder | EurekAlert! Science News
Artificial Intelligence Learns to Play 'Super Mario World' in 34 Tries | Mental Floss
Big Think | Videos, articles, and tips to help you succeed, from the world's leading experts
Researchers Discover First Sensor of Earth’s Magnetic Field in an Animal -
Fascinating Old Census Maps, Updated for a Modern America | WIRED
Berkeley lab scientists search Amazon for clues to impacts of climate change, drought
Next-generation sampling: Pairing genomics with large-scale herbarium sampling | EurekAlert! Science News
We are entering a 'golden age' of animal tracking

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