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Minha K
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Gonna watch The Purge :D
My timeline right now: iOS 7 GTA 5 iOS 7 iOS 7 GTA 5 iOS 7 iOS 7 and some hoe talkin bout she lonely
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"@TheTweetOfGod: I deeply regret some of you."
she had them apple bottom jeens boots with the fur, she got pakulu lookin at her
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skary stori: ur faec rt if ur skared
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"@Seewaymore: when you start writing on paper without margins and this happens"
If your mom can't find it, its gone forever.
Am I the only person that hates all the attention Miley's getting?
Happiness is being owned by a cat c:
"I say ya kill your heroes and Fly, fly, baby don't cry. No need to worry cause Everybody will die." #Awol #Lyrics
We should have Wi-Fi bracelets... So you can wear them anywhere and have a Wi-Fi connection.
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I actually like the smell of rain :3
omg its raining my hair will go all curly tomorrow nooo
Time to sleep, this 'lovely' sunday has finally come to an end :(
>tfw you keep burning your fingers while straightening your hair #Ouch
When you're half way through straightening your hair and you just don't feel like doing it anymore
gonna straighten my hair.. hope it doesnt rain tomorrow!
cba for school tomorrow :(
#music pretty much gets me through everything c: