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that sexy muthafucka
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Something dope about a woman that can keep her business to herself.
The real is back...2014 Forest Hills Drive. Support this @JColeNC album! This one is special for realll.
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@JColeNC #2014FHD been out in Malaysia for 3h only and its #1 in hip hop charts and #3 in overall charts @Dreamville
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That I'm the perfect nigga for her, but then maybe that's a lie
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The album booklet😭🙌🙌🙌
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Go to sleep bumpin @JColeNC get ready for my day bumpin #jcole get thew my day bumpin #jcole then repeat! #2014ForestHIllsDrive #classic
U ain't a true Texas nigga if u don't fuck with #pimpc
7 years ago today we lost the king of the #trill the greatest from #Texas to rip the Mic. #ripPimpC #ugk4life #texasboy #sweetjones
Gotta swipe & delete the thread of those people that text you "they're bored." You think I'm bout to entertain you? 😆
A gorgeous smile takes rank over every other feature to me.
Ladies you are greatly appreciated Good morning
I hate when people come to me n say "I don't mean to bother u but.." If u don't mean to then don't bitch smh #gtfomf #icant
Have a couple drinks with a nigga like me
I hate when my mom in a bad mood. I be scared to ask her if I can go somewhere or for a favor...
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Yes I'm 19, and still scared of my momma
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Leave it all in the rear view
Will u make sacrifices for that person? That's love!
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@omen that's the joint I got to hear and omen you did your thing man !!!! #2014ForestHillsDrive
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Bring a bum never gets old when it's cold outside
All I want is money fuck the fame, I'm a simple woman
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She call you "best friend" she likes you but too scared to tell you & get rejected.
I give a fuck about ol boy
Women are so emotional that they can't help but react when we get mad at em for being mad.
I really do not feel like going to class. I am so over school.
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This cold be kickin my ass yo
Snapchat was originally marketed as an app to send nude pictures called Picaboo.
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B.O.B is the most slept on rapper to me n the game... I'm not tryna defend dude just sayin he can never catch a break with niggas lol
Haters wanna ball let me fighting up my drawstring
But I can't say I don't love em do I love em Yes lawd
Last night was very entertaining to say the least....
Look at how I whip it how I whip it
Everybody gon respect the shooter, but the one in front of the gun lives forever #yabisssh
Good seeing @NievesReyes tonight man love seeing you n very nice to meet @VictoriaAnwuzia who blessed my soul with that voice n she rap #ill
Chillin out here with my bros @WrexWashington n @BrainGangKilla the homie @JENNYmfROBINSON just killed the stage #fuckiggy hahaha