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Elizabeth Gillies
Lil bit a Janis at last night's shoot gleam_melaniemills
Turns out Australian people are better looking than the rest of us.
I don't trust people who smile at me.
I never auditioned for American Hustle. They did offer me both leads but I had to decline bc I was busy taking pics of my cat for Instagram.
New Seasons. New Shows. Take a peek at the “Best Network of the Year.”
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As I pass the mailman, I wonder if he knows I KNOW he saw me washing the dishes topless last week.
Good thing I'm an actor. If any potential employer outside of the entertainment industry ever looked me up on YouTube, I'd never get hired.
Excited to be working on #Vacation w/ @edhelms, Chris Hemsworth, @1capplegate & Charlie Day. Gonna be good!
My dear friend @syrhysk 's album came out today! Check it out here:
Why is everything in 7-Eleven always dusty?
To the person who commented, "HAVE FUN NO BALLS," while it made me laugh, I'm pretty sure you know that's not the same as "good luck."
Tried. Turns out I don't have the steady hands for it. Had to turn to the professionals! RT "@Queen_Seeker: Is this a DIY thing, Liz?”
My sweet little cat, Bodhi, is about to get his testicles cut off. Let's all wish him luck!
4 years ago, I gave these 2 up for adoption. Today as I visit, I'm #thankful they haven't lost their love for music.
Anatidaephobia is the fear that somewhere in the world, there is a duck watching you.
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A type of frog called the “horror frog” will break its own bones to make claws out of them and use them as defensive weapons.
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God, I hate the sun.
The Home Alone soundtrack has been playing in my head on loop since I woke up this morning. I'm not mad about it, I just wish it made sense.
Fine. RT "@gumballwizard: Hey it's ok don't beat yourself up. Look,it's a baby hippo 🌴”
My tweet this AM should've read "*should've been born." NOT "supposed to have been born." Revolting grammar. I'm so sorry. I hate me more.
people look at me like I have the LG Chocolate when I ask for an iPhone 4 charger
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Just now in Heaven, God picked up my dusty ID card & said, "Shit! She was supposed to have been born in 1940! She's probably sooo pissed."
Should I ever enter Hell, I firmly believe the sound that will greet me as I walk in will be thousands of dogs licking themselves.
Would karaoke-ing 2 nights in a row be considered "addict" behavior?
I feel like Eminem spits when he sings.
There are many, many boring people out there. Try not to hang out with any of them.
I have a sick obsession with eavesdropping on middle aged first dates.
"Not working today, huh?" "No." "Well, then. Lucky you." This has been an excerpt from "How to Shame Your Passenger" starring my driver.
I wish I could be wearing one of the Tupas from Defending Your Life right now.
My dog just told me she got a job at TV Guide. I'm happy that she's getting to live her dream but sad that she won't be around as much.
"I don't need a receipt." RT "@LizGOnline: what on earth did you say to him that sparked that kind of conversation”
"I'm taking this pill. It's called, "Live Forever." All you do is take one EVERY DAY and you can stay 10 FOREVER!" - My 55 year old cashier
*ARE over 180 ways to say Penis. RT "@Know "There is over 180 ways to say Penis."
That thing of when you stumble across a very sad voice memo of yourself singing & playing "We're All Alone" by Rita Coolidge in full.
Singing in my living room with a microphone. RT "@DaniellaMonet: @LizGillies only an hour to go before your songs up! #inbed #sleeptexting