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Elizabeth Gillies
I know there's a lot happening on the internet right now but all I keep thinking about is The Sims 4 coming out tomorrow.
Sadly, no. RT "@LizGOnline: @LizGillies you must've had a lot of wine to get to that point”
I found out last night that when I drink wine, I recite all the opening taglines from the Real Housewives of New York.
I walk through spider webs like I get paid to walk through spider webs.
We can't lose Joan. All love and healing wishes to Her Majesty Joan Rivers- being ripped a new one by you is an honor to be treasured.
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Watch me kill my old man again! RT "@lifetimetv: .@LizGillies is back in an encore of #KILLINGDADDY starting NOW!”
I really need Joan Rivers to be ok.
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I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to pet @MileyCyrus' pig.
You caught me. RT "@DanWarp: @LizGillies Are you SURE, Liz? Are you sure? ;) (see photo)
I've never been a raw tomato person.
Man oh man. Tears again. Beautiful tribute.
Sara Bareilles sounds perfect. Beautiful voice. #Emmys
This was supposed to be an awkward family photo. @DaniellaMonet
So proud of my little squirm for winning her first VMA. Love you, @ArianaGrande :)
I cannot believe I just rented Rent. What am I doing? Whatever, I have to commit now.
You guys all listen to Rod Stewart & google "types of clouds" when you work out too, right?
Working out is fun but do you know what's more fun? Eating lots of food and not working out.
There are few things more impressive than watching someone order a massive, personal slice of cake at a bakery.
This store smells like Barbie hair.
Swear to God, one day i'm just gonna say, "screw it" & eat the entire jar of gummy bear vitamins. Whatever happens to me is worth it.
A lot of beautiful pieces about Robin Williams today. @ChrisGethard's especially touching…
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Somehow I feel like I lost a friend. Can't imagine how those who were lucky enough to have known him must feel. My heart goes out to them.
I spent countless hours watching him on loop in my living room growing up as so many of us did. Almost made it feel like you knew him.
Still doesn't seem real. My childhood would never have been the same without him. He was my favorite & one of my greatest heroes. A genius.
I like to joke about feeling 40, but after watching last night's TCA's & recognizing only 15% of the attendees, I can now confirm: I am 40.
Absolutely nothing excites me more than seeing bears walk upright.…
Off to LA! Wish me a safe flight! :)
"I see you as my mom, my sister and my ex wife all at the same time." - @MattBennett re: our relationship
Ah, yes. RT "@Missy2825 @LizGillies here you go, you as a Cantaur 😂�"
Hey, if someone could photoshop me onto a centaur's body that would be great.
I wish I had hooves. Not forever, just for right now.
I don't trust technology. I think we should all go back to writing letters.
So I just dropped & shattered my already internally damaged iPhone, bought another one & lost absolutely everything in result. Wonderful.
I need a great book. What's everyone reading?
Everyone make sure to tune into my dear friend @rhorn1's new show #Partners starring @KelseyGrammer & @realmartymar tomorrow @ 9/9:30 on FX!
I've somehow become the wise-cracking, slightly perverted uncle at family gatherings.