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Elizabeth Gillies
My last Tweet sounded like the title to a Buzzfeed article.
This Bradley Cooper/ @jimmyfallon interview is the best thing I've seen all week.
Haha! So great. RT "@victorimanjd: @LizGillies I Love you! from JAPAN! It will be Halloween soon.
Don't apologize because you haven't tweeted in a while. No one cared.
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"My hair tells a hopeless story today." - My Dad
I'm doin Halloween crafts allllll day today and NO ONE can stop me.
Shit. RT "@UberFacts: Highly cynical people are more likely to develop dementia as they get older.”
I love when Manhattan is well lit.
For Halloween this year I think I'm going as "Scholastic Book Fair circa 1998"
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I wish I could rent a kid just for Halloween & Christmas time.
Leather pants, although fun, are a very uncomfortable way to start the day.
On this day 80 years ago Columbus discovered America.
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Hey, same-height couples. You're weird. Everyone thinks so.
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"That is ME. I LOVE hopping." - My Dad Re: jumping up and down
Put on your Sunday best, Kids. We're going to Sears!…
How and why had I not heard of @Hozier until last night? Crazy good.
East coast! #Animal is on @ChillerTV right now! Turn it on!
In case ya missed it in theaters, #Animal will be on @ChillerTV tonight @ 9pm! Check it out!
Today's the day! The Chiller TV premiere of "Animal." See you at 9pm!
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Driver: I keep making mistakes lol Me:
CVS turns into an effing wonderland when you're tired enough.
Nothing cooler than watching mind-blowing musicians jam together.
Do I watch Halloweentown tonight or do I wait a few weeks? That is the question.
I love you, Manhattan. (I love you too, Liz). Aw. Thanks.
Sometimes I think too many people forget about Taran Killam in moody's point
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I'm contemplating making a fake Tinder account just so I have something to talk about with people my age.
I want to have kids with this weather.
"I'm in it for the leaves." -@GeorgeGillies3 re: Fall
"This is literally water, y'know what I mean? Plain and simple." - @GeorgeGillies3 holding a glass of water
Oh. Great. RT "@ebolatour @LizGillies if you got Ebola, i'll continue to support you :)"
"Sexual Healing is, like, one of my favorite songs." - @GeorgeGillies3
A teeny, tiny, little part inside of me gets excited when it feels like my cab driver is about to hit someone.
Arriving in NY & hearing a NY accent is my version of a cup of coffee.
Sad I didn't get to say bye to my Tri Pi girls today. You were all amazing and funny. People, just wait! #vacationmovie
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Off to NY! Wish me a safe flight :)