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I don't have an iPhone so I have to manually ignore these hoes
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idc if my ex upgrades or downgrades bc what they do after me isn't my business. When I'm past you, I'm past you
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there is nothing rarer and more beautiful than liking every song on an album
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😊😊😊8 months😊😊😊
Surprisingly happy😊
Needed a catch up with daddy, after the week I've had😊😴
Pls never say that again😂✋
So weird how when I get upset I go freeeezing cold and start shivering❄
and with your permission let me start your ignition💁
Irritates me sooo much when u tell a teacher u don't understand and they say 'maybe bc u havent been listening!' NO, MAYBE BC U CANT TEACH
Too much is going on atm, can't even deal😩
Anyone with a note 2 I do not recommend the software upgrade, its made my phone go so slow and the emojis are shocking!!!!!😤
@NSPCC maybe if you moved the sign out of his eyes he might be able to lmao
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Reckon it was a bloody brilliant idea to change my Netflix password so you can no longer get on it seeya✋✋✋
Was so happy this time last year🙀
Everything's turned to 💩
Why is there always someone using a chainsaw at this time of day😠
As if jess is making me listen to peter Andre🔫
neverrrr exceptable to call someone fat
Bad bad day
stop taking pictures of your legs in a bath
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'never understood why lads leave girls who will give them the world, for girls who will give them a disease'
this niggas rich as fuck but he still look like a starving african
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Don't understand why all these kids 'bounce' around newton like they're some kind of gangsters
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really wanted autumn leaves to be better than it is:((
@cmb_jalooo: My Dad say he Cancer Free 🙌👏” This is quality🙌
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Youre bloody gorgeous, but my god dont you know it
People really need to be educated on what 'feminism' really is
childish gambino is sickkkk
looks like im gonna be the last one to get my national insurance number, when i want it the most:((
winter shopping is bae
Will be 10x better then Trap Lord
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When you're drunk and trying to go to sleep
When you realize the song you always skip is actually fire
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frank ocean's got a new album being released, best news ive heard in a while!!!!
Channel Orange in the headphones.. I'm zoninggggggg❤️❤️❤️
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