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Why does EVERY single job I apply for, reject me?
The double standards of society are disgusting #bodyposi #spreadlove
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Every music video in the early 2000's 😂M
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Just wanna get my nose piercedddddd
Why tf is there extreeemely loud music being played near my house at this time, it sounds like its coming from inside my head it's that loud
I know they thinking I look like rapunzel sat on my roof
Why tf has the neighbour gone to get her husband to come and watch me through their back window together
I give up on sleep
r u incapable of cutting bread?…
"@Fact: A man threatening to jump from a South Carolina bridge was once convinced to stop with a pizza." Me
How is anyone sposed to get work, when you need work experience to get any job
I told her if you wanna be my wife better show me your pussy on FaceTime
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You had me at your correct use of there, their, and they're.
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I go off people too easy, it's so dreadful
He fired up this whole man's existence
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"I am not Netflix you cannot pause me" 😂�qt
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when the gunshots in a song lethal 🔫�zF
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retweet so Norma can bless you with her miracles
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The Long Way Home is tooooo good😩😩�@KreptandKonanonan
Buzzing for The Long Way Home tonight
NEVER am I walking home on my own again!!!!
I've literally applied to 60/70 jobs and not got a single one
Me: *tries to go to bed at a reasonable time* Me: ah yes Me: 4am Me: perfect
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I love storms ☔️⚡️
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Not about getting whistled at, at hospital
suck ur mum

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