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sittin in the studioooo just tryna get to you baby
The thought of a three hour art exam next week does not excite me😴 another subject I defo regret taking
Mum always goes well overboard with the Christmas decorations😂
I am who I am, and your opinion is neither desired nor required.
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so happy with how well that history exam went👌☺
how are we supposed to revise 2 years of history in one night😩🔫
really don't know what possessed me to take History
must be the only sixteen year old, to still not have their national insurance number
So many indirects👀
if we’re dating u can have ur freedom, youre not my prisoner.. just stay loyal & be honest. that’s all i ask muhfucka
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when u really hate the shit out of someone but u cant say anything bc everyone else loves them and u know that they’re a terrible person
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I genuinely would revise, but I have no idea how to
helping your friend to get some random person off of their best friends list
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Finally sixteen🙌
It's ma burfffffday🎉
Can't wait for tomorrow, cba with still being 15😷
Drying my hair is not something I wanna be doing at 2am😴
Never saying 'goose' when you were on in 'Duck Duck Goose' because you were were so sassy and wanted your turn to last forever
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Lips have majorly swollen up this is so grim😂
Why do Beyoncé and Jay z with their faces swapped look so much like Poussey and Sophia from orange is the new black 😩
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i dont care if u smoke, drink or do whatever , just dont talk about it 24/7
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some kids are out there doing crazy drugs 24/7 but i don't tidy my room one time and i'm 'out of control'😂
When you're on the train and realise your outfit looks like shit
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My dads literally my favorite person ever bless him😊
can i nominate u for the boiling water challenge
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The "I'm not like the other guys" "you're the only one" "you won't find anyone better than me" starter pack
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You know when your mum saves you dinner for when you come home but you arrive home and some inconsiderate fuck has eaten it
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i could never be with someone who didnt like my music taste, id find them annoying as fuck
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I went through a well grim eyebrow stage😒😂
Such a good mood recently idk why😂😊
cba with all these 'x for lines' everywhere
Bored of being blonde but cba being any other colour😴
Was late to rehearsals today because I didn't wake her but really I didn't want to move 😉Best place in the world !!
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My beautiful dark twisted fantasy will always be the best Kanye album👌
reckon I'd love to go to uni in London