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turn σff thє líghtѕ αnd lσσk ín thє mírrσr. ѕαч mч nαmє thrєє tímєѕ αnd í wíll αppєαr.
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When Your Hood Been Watching Too Much Dragonball Z
What's wrong with people now a days, she pistol whipped her 😩
Sometimes, I care too much for the people that don't care about me at all.
I can't sleep too much on my mind I wish I could relax & let all my thoughts unbind Move along & leave it all behind
If they can't keep up there's a reason why they shouldn't be with me in the first place. Grow up, & don't ask me for hand outs.
I'm destined for greatness, I'm going to make it soon with a team or alone. I'm not playing these childish games to see who's with me.
Clash of Clans just got real, this has to be the most addictive game!
Happy thundermoon ☆ also known as the buck moon signifying the time of year young buck deer start to grow antlers
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Fuck you, I don't need you at all. Watch me become successful.
Not sure about LA, I might just stay here after all.
If we're not cool anymore, it's their fault. I don't switch up. I'm loyal to those who are loyal to me. Show signs of disloyalty, I'm out.
Drug dealers are always late. If your drug dealer is on time, it’s the police.
If i ever see my mechanic again I'll whoop his ass so hard for having the ordasity to come to my house and steal from me!
Argh how do I get this fucking U2 album off my phone ?
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Tell your man to wait inside when I'm pulling up
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When You Gotta Explain To Yo Side Homie That He Can't Hang Around The Squad
I'm not attached to any girl. I'm busy doing my own stuff. I'm working on my future I have no free time sorry.
I fucked up so many times . 😔 the only thing I didn't fuck up in is picking my team. And being XO
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Can't wait got pulling up its going to be fire
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Yesterday was a good day with the team & my niece! #baby
what a great day! everyone deserves love just as everyone deserves to be able to proclaim their love and make it official ଘ( ॢᵕ꒶̮ᵕ(꒡ᵋ ꒡ღ)
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Just finished a 2 v 2 basketball game. Me & my cousin @MartinTheTaco crushed them no chill. You know it's over once you have whites dunking!
Suffering the hot side of the pillow while the cold side charges.
I official lost hope in you. Who knew you'd be a ridiculous mistake.
I feel guilty walking into spider webs. All that hard work ruined ! (((╹д╹;)))
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Love to everyone that has a strained/bad/non-existent relationship with their father. This day was always esp hard for me (;´༎ຶ益༎ຶ`)♡
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I lost confidence on in everything I do. I just need a break from everyone.
I would've never imagined myself handling such big business or meeting so many important people.
Say no more.... we know what you did.
This heat makes me want to go Adam & Eve on everyone.
I always cared, maybe too much. But I made a mistake thinking you would care the same way.
I remember when you would feel all down & lonely just like I use to. I would get really close & hug you as if you were all I needed.
I need space, I'm not going to talk to anyone for a while. Need to think about the future.
Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.
It's illegal from animal rights laws but officials still deny its existence .Sign this petition to try to stop this
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Project Lonsdaleite starts next month. Been waiting for 5 years for this moment.
I still think about you here & there. Can't help but remember all the times I was with you. I thought I was over you but I'm not sure.
Guess which of these men was arrested for selling cigarettes and which for murdering nine people. #CharlestonShooting
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I don't just want a girl, I want a best friend. Someone I can always talk to & hangout with.
Let's help Bradley's family deal with funeral costs so their energy can be spent remembering the person he was
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I can't imagine how hard it is to lose someone u love and as you are trying to come to terms with your loss, struggling with funeral costs
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