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when i was 10 my mom cancelled my whole birthday because i had an allergic reaction after girls at camp put poison ivy in my pillowcase
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Thanks to everyone sending nice birthday messages!  ̄(=⌒・⌒=) ̄ here's a birthday story..
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Have you ever felt cheated out of your own enlightenment?
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Going to try to get in shape with some extreme work outs in the mountains. I want to look like one of those Dragon Ball Z dudes! Chiseled!
New trailer for UNCHARTED: The Nathan Drake Collection on PS4, coming 10/9/2015:…
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i get easily distracted thinking of the factories most of the stuff in the room i'm in came from and the people that work there
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No, my homie died. I wish I could have saved him, like how I saved 15% on my car insurance with @GEICO . RIP Young Gamble
VICE has a feminist channel now and I'm all for it (。⌒∇⌒)。…
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the amount of grown men who think that a woman pees out of her vagina is disturbing
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Maybe this time I'll be a better person. I might be heading up the road to be successful but you're my drive.
I quit Call of Duty for a year because Advanced Warfare was crap.
The Weeknd @theweeknd why are you attacking ARIKA KANE and Threatening a female recording Artist! #Shameful #CyberBullying #Threats #Women
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As a Woman i am Deeply offended at the behavior of The Weeknd @theweeknd Attacking Arika Kane thru CyberBullying @HuffPostWomen
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I'm too ugly to have a girlfriend, so of course I have to have a great personality.
Just trying to live the moment, pain pills for breakfast. Drinking Nyquil like water but I don't sleep anymore. I don't feel anymore.
Discover how we achieved the impossible w/ the Lexus Hoverboard. #LexusHover #AmazingInMotion
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"Add me on snapchat" = I will probably never snap u and u will probably never snap me but we can watch each other's stories.
What you can do with 36 macbook boxes is oddly satisfying 😂B
I would walk through hell fire for you cause you are worth it
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The struggle of getting lots of scratches on your legs because you want the cat to relax on you but you don't want to wear pants :(
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Climbing up to titan takes forever....
I'm so tired I need sleep 😴😩
Writing music again. This one isn't a rap. It isn't about parties. This one is from the heart.
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@MartinTheTaco I can put your single in the hands of thousands of DJs via @GreenHitz call me 678-632-4741
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@MartinTheTaco I have over 60k DJs emails! If you want me to help you get to them call me 678-632-4741
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I'll support you when I can with what i can. Even if you want to me stupid shit I'll do it with you. All i ask is buy my new mixtape
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I just got curved so hard!! LMAO it hurt lol
I've got my first shirts ever available here!!… ⚈้̤͡ ˌ̫̮ ⚈้̤͡
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Will try to get my account verified after I do something the media finds out about.
Perhaps a movie.
I'm going to be staring in a book soon.
Very true, don't see what all the hype is about. You see all the time on instagram. Nothing new anymore...…
I was cured from appendicitis with no scars! Modern medicine is impressive!
It's been half a years since Ive been with a girl. Really doesnt bother me. I'm not the type to waste time with hoes. Just want a good girl.
If you feel life is mundane, know that rn there is a colony of monarch butterflies flying around in a spaceshuttle
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I wouldn't be with a girl that sleeps with others.
If you save yourself for me, I'll make sure later on I'll make you happy.
So someone can finally hear me out. I've wanted to sing since ever. I finally have that opportunity to touch others though music.
I gave up on music for years. I thought I would never make it. Felt no one would listen. But I must to have a voice.
Out of anyone in my family I'm the first that wanted to become a singer. & I've sang on TV before at the age of 7 or 8. I have a chance now.
Don't rep what you're not in. Be a leader not a follower. If you follow make sure your leader knows you well & is loyal to you.
I'm glad to make everything off of my own expense. Going to make big moves soon so wish me luck & I'll have music for everyone soon.
I was thinking about it. & maybe I won't sign with anyone. I don't need anyone making changes, enhancing, mixing, or directing my music.
Omg lost 37 trophies in a raid on Clash of Clans! I'm so mad I'm going to take a fucking shower
I lack major sleep But I can never rest knowing I have do something to better the world. I stay up thinking all night how, one day I'll rest
I want no profit from music productions, its to just help others. Make a million, the people in need have a million. Thanks for the patients
Inspirations for my music are all real life events & tributes to deceased or terribly ill friends. Sales will go to donations for cancer.

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