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Andy Lonsdaleite
Katherine is too cute 😍😘268
@ALICEGLASS sometimes I still get a lil sad over you not being in crystal castles anymore but I'm soooo glad you're happy now. 💘
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No one is saying anything. ISIS is wreaking havoc, well guess what? America's CIA is ISIS. No one is talking but this is the second Cold War
Stop it stop liking my ig pics if I hate you
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Leave it to me to turn something super serious into Kawaii ^~^
Tonight is the blood moon. last year during the blood moon I left my old band and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made
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It's cool though, unlike you I don't go out with strangers :) I make sure I know them for a while as you have experienced with me.
2 girls just lit me with a weed cloud shit. Hopefully I could still pass a drug test.
Can't date a woman if her meme game isn't A1
The girls here are trying to hard with me. I am not amused. My dog died today, you expect me to have a blast? I'm here to get wasted.
Someone told me today that they sense darkness & depression in me. That I give off the vibe of death. Wait till they hear my music.
I woke up to my dog being dead, my long life dog since I had as a child. Fuck life, why live.
What you failed to see was that we were infiniti at that moment. You let the words of others separate us. When I didn't listen to others.
I have always had this picture, I was very happy at the moment. We made each other happy shit didn't matter just us.
Been listening to Ed Sheeran & Never Shout Never. I just remember you.
Waking up from tormented dreams, got the same thing on my mind on replay. I'm missing you, what else could it be.
it's fuckin terrible when u care so much about someone & get so attached to them & they just turn around & leave like nothing. I'm use to it
The happiest moment in my life was when u would tell me I'm the reason u were happy & not depressed anymore bcuz those were my thoughts too.
Being in a relationship isn't as easy as it looks 😳👫💍.... And Being single isn't as fun as it seems 😒🚶😞
I have years with depression, I don't bitch & complain I just keep it low key. What made me happy is gone for good.
I grew up on KISS, Bon Jovi and Led Zeppelin.
Star oh star you shine so bright Won't you grant me one small wish tonight That I wont die on this destructive path of mine
Baby, I love you I never want to let you go The more I think about, The more I want to let you know
First thing in my new goals is to get insanely fit. I use to have a 4 pack, but I want to achieve a 6 pack.
As soon as my work here is done I'll move to another country & start a new life. One that I have a clean slight. But goals remain in sight.
Sometimes I sit & wonder, why do u hate me so much. When I try to give u all that I have to give. I made mistakes, but I also made u happy.
Meeting up with Justin Bieber later this or next month again to give him some of my specially designed shoes! I keep variety in my circle.
I haven't smoked weed since June. Ready for drug testing.
What's worse than failing your maths test? Getting raped by an elephant
You can tell a lot about a woman’s mood just by her hands. For example, if she's holding a gun, she’s probably angry.
Been sleeping more not eating much.
@livetodeath hey Bro- how the fucks it going? You been outta the loop for a while? Or just lost in the game of thrones shit? Haha. Rock out!
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Hear me out for once.
"You disappointing to the video game community" - my mom 😂
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You want it, it's yours. I'll do anything to make the girl I'm with happy. I've learned from the past.
I like how she indirectly asked me to hangout.
Sometimes you just want to give up on everything from lack of hope & self hate. Mistakes haunting me, regret living in me. I want to vanish.
Let's go somewhere only we know
Let's go somewhere only we know
Everyone I know is lame...
Real relationship goals, bae should tell me I don't have to walk
Hanging out alone, anyone want to snapchat me? @livetodeath Near El Cajon, California? Let's chill

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