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Andy Candy™✌
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If you eat 2 bananas it gives you enough energy for an intense 90 minute work out or 40 minute sexual intercourse
I miss you a little more each day.
ICYMI - Watch the #AdvancedWarfare Launch Gameplay Trailer: We're two weeks from #DayZero. RT if you'll be there.
I don't understand why people have to take drugs to have fun like have u heard of pizza before?
I find it very attractive when a girl has blue hair. Maybe because that's just my favourite colour lol
Naps seem like a good idea until you wake up.
I use to be famous lol what happened to that?
I have 62 verified check accounts following me lol yes I feel special
my anaconda dont my anaconda dont my anaconda dont want to go to school tomorrow
Me: better check my phone for texts from friends me: *checks phone* me: I'd better get some friends
I'm convinced that homeless people have all the shopping carts with 4 good wheels.
Don’t be ashamed of who you are. That’s your parents job
If I actually “spoke my mind,“ I'd be in deep sh*t
Rule of Math: If it seems easy, you're probably doing it wrong.
I'm so mad she hasn't texted me all day
One of my favourite songs by Crystal Castles #RIP #CrystalCastles #SadEyes #AliceGlass #EthanKath
Always be yourself, no matter how weird you are, anyone who's worth it will love you for being you.
If I know a girl has cheated on a guy I will never respect her again. And guys really? What kind of guy goes around taking others girls?
If steroids are illegal for athletes, then Photoshop should be illegal for models....
Never trust a man in a wheelchair with dirty shoes.
Change Facebook name to “No One“ . Like peoples status’s
This is a great way to check! (#sarcasm ) #ebola #familyguy
If you have Twitter and not following me..... be sure to follow lol. I post up stuff you can read while you're bored.... while you're taking a crap..... while you're in the shower..... whatever you feel comfortable reading stuff on Twitter lol username : @livetodeath
Your smile is contagious, no matter how angry or sad I am, all I need is to take one look at your smile and everything seem a little better
@livetodeath I get it BRO. People suck & not the good way either. Lol. ROCK IT. Be your own boss & you'll be ur favorite employee!
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If someone’s battling you for the arm rest on a plane, cough into your arm and put it back. Enjoy your new arm rest!
I love sleep. You forget about pain, problems, stress, everything for a while.
Tip: Don't fuck with people who have bad pics of you.
I believe in hate at first sight
Upgrade last-gen copies of #AdvancedWarfare to current-gen for free; @SHGames co-founder @GlenSchofield has the intel
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The infatuation of a “crush“ is said to last four months. After that, you’re in love.
Reason for a "me" day is that I don't want to talk to anyone so it can be stress free I'm tired of everyone's bull shit. Wednesday is me day
No offense to anyone, I'm going to have a "me" day. As in if you message me and I see it I'm not going to reply. I'm just going to chill.
@livetodeath Right on, Brother! Good to hear. Keep the music alive & ROCK OUT! Keep gaming and chic's will be rocking you too! Nice work!
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Do u have some of those friends where u cant even remember how u became friends u just suddenly were friends
Mix honey with some water then drink the solution. It has the same affect as an energy drink. I love honey lol
You know you had a good time when you can't tell your parents what you did. But I tend to tell my dad all the crazy shit I do lol
If your friends aren't making fun of you, they're not really your friends.
Stop worrying about pleasing others so much, do more of what makes you happy.
I can not sleep.......
Slow starts don't mean anything. Success isn't given it's taken. It's harder than it looks but I promise you I'll make it.
Hey guys if you have Twitter I post up stuff you can relate to I assume...... I also post up funny stuff often, and what's going on with my pro gaming and music. I would appreciate it if you would follow me on there. Thanks for the follows and support. If I get to 10k followers I get promoted by m
I thought this picture was really cute lol i love cats #cats #cat #love #kitty #kitten #pictureoftheday
The movie idea i submitted to Vinewood...... #epic #proud #movie #gta #idea #Vinewood
Does anyone want to team up in indie music with me? I need a producer and DJ maybe a drummer. In Northern San Diego.
JUST WATCH AND SHARE! This shits crazy They should of added sonic rings coming out of this guy or wasted GTA label
I thought those last 2 tweets were fucking hilarious
@TheBardockObama Nigga if a girl likes anime shes gettin the dick straight up.
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