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I've got my first shirts ever available here!!… ⚈้̤͡ ˌ̫̮ ⚈้̤͡
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Will try to get my account verified after I do something the media finds out about.
I'm going to be staring in a book soon.
Very true, don't see what all the hype is about. You see all the time on instagram. Nothing new anymore...…
I was cured from appendicitis with no scars! Modern medicine is impressive!
It's been half a years since Ive been with a girl. Really doesnt bother me. I'm not the type to waste time with hoes. Just want a good girl.
If you feel life is mundane, know that rn there is a colony of monarch butterflies flying around in a spaceshuttle
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I wouldn't be with a girl that sleeps with others.
If you save yourself for me, I'll make sure later on I'll make you happy.
So someone can finally hear me out. I've wanted to sing since ever. I finally have that opportunity to touch others though music.
I gave up on music for years. I thought I would never make it. Felt no one would listen. But I must to have a voice.
Out of anyone in my family I'm the first that wanted to become a singer. & I've sang on TV before at the age of 7 or 8. I have a chance now.
Don't rep what you're not in. Be a leader not a follower. If you follow make sure your leader knows you well & is loyal to you.
I'm glad to make everything off of my own expense. Going to make big moves soon so wish me luck & I'll have music for everyone soon.
I was thinking about it. & maybe I won't sign with anyone. I don't need anyone making changes, enhancing, mixing, or directing my music.
Omg lost 37 trophies in a raid on Clash of Clans! I'm so mad I'm going to take a fucking shower
I lack major sleep But I can never rest knowing I have do something to better the world. I stay up thinking all night how, one day I'll rest
I want no profit from music productions, its to just help others. Make a million, the people in need have a million. Thanks for the patients
Inspirations for my music are all real life events & tributes to deceased or terribly ill friends. Sales will go to donations for cancer.
I'm a better person & on the road to being successful after that. Hoping one day she'll pick it back up & care for it as I care for hers.
Sometimes when you think they care they really dont. Ive learned this well. I gave everything I had. But I let her grab my heart & stomp it.
When I make my first million dollars I'm going to throw a party so big even Muhammad Ali would be there!
Going to try to contact Crystal Castles to ask permissions on a few of their unused instrumentals for a few songs I have. No Skin for sure.
Too busy to worry about any girl at the moment, so sorry if I do not initiate the conversation first.
2 years after Canada; Borehamwood, England is next on the map.
I wonder if I should continue college Im pretty much set on what I need to do. Sure don't need a degree, if I get one it's just to have one.
I just listened to Asap Rocky & wow it makes me mad to hear horrible music that's unfortunately mainstream. Is society civilised?
Feelin like a kitten dipped in cream (before the curdling) ヽ(^‥^=ゞ)thank you so much for all the support and nice messages!
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When I'm done here I'll spend 2 years in Canada.
Well the time is ticking down to Project Lonsdaleite. Very soon I'll show the world what's been behind my shell.
I think @numnum12345 has the most majestic eyes I've ever seen. 🐯
A lot of girls have asked me to prom before but I never went. Not much of a social event type of person. A bit antisocial behaviour at times
RAINN also informs on how to protect yourself and your friends, and how to recognize the symptoms of abuse. @RAINN01
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RAINN raises money for shelters and hotlines and helps find counseling for survivors of abuse directly and without taking profit. @RAINN01
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STILLBIRTH is now on Spotify as well as iTunes all proceeds will go supporting survivors of abuse
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STILLBIRTH is now available on iTunes All proceeds go towards helping victims of domestic/sexual abuse
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My life is the template & inspiration when I write my music.
When I get on the mic & show everyone what real music is.
Alice Glass has a single out and proceeds go towards RAINN. #stillbirth #aliceglass
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.@ALICEGLASS this is so incredible and inspiring thank you for doing this and for making #STILLBIRTH. congrats!!! can't wait for the sister!
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All respect to @_alice_glass for making such meaningful music. But to have all music purchases to go non profit organizations dealing with abuse is just remarkable. Never seen a thing like it, much love to Alice!
A good voice along with great beats means nothing if your lyrics have no meaning. Girls, money, how you made it isn't art. It's bragging.
About time someone put this unlawful harassment in his place
Listen to STILLBIRTH by @ALICEGLASS #np on #SoundCloud this song is perfect! Meaningful & pour energy! #STILLBIRTH…
Written by Alice Glass & Jupiter Keyes Produced by Jupiter Keyes Co-produced and mixed by Lars Stalfors
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