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When I get to where I need to be I'll tweet a lot (:
Not many people tweet really D:
Lack of sleep is certainly not good!
The friends icon at the top of my Twitter app looks a whole lot like the Facebook one (:
England is going to be great :D
How is it possible to wake up tired?!
I had a good movie night, four movies and now I'm nackered (((:
Imagine it, Maxerbell! :D
Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure... Third movie in a row :D
It could have been much easier if Peter just told Harry it was his dad...
Little Miss Chatterbox is my favorite :D
Ahhhhh dinner is still half an hour away! D:
I want some marvel comics but I need a job first...
Got new pencils and a new (pink!) sketch book (: I think I'll draw spider man first :D
I'm gonna play around with my make up later...just cause I can :D
Time to watch Spiderman agaaiiiinnnn! (:
I have a new home page here - check me out!
Its cool cause I wasn't nervous but I'm expecting a looooowwwwww mark. I'm crappy at speeches!
Speech in five. Wish mere luucckkkkk
I tried not too but screenshotting is so damn tempting when there is something funny to post (: x
I did my speech, and I also have to write an essay in class for art tomorrow too. Yeah, I have no idea what its about ):
This is getting very out of hand. Time to go to sleep, over-thinking is very very bad! (:
When something looks so real, but is denied all the time, its hard to establish whether its real or not. Lots of evidence, nothing admitted.
Nah, no time for another bloody networking sight! Twitter and Facebook is enough!
Thinking about getting tumblr....?
distraction and I will not stop thinking or working hard to achieve the distraction that is somehow evaluating my marks.
The lady at this workshop thing I was forced to go to today was like "remove the distractions from your life" I was like.. I have one-
Is it sad that I just burst out laughing at some weird sound I just made? Hahahaha :D
Mary's mother had four children. April, May, June and ?? (I'm totally going to give it away and say Mary cause I fell for the stupid trick)
even Kristine thinks I'm extra hyper today (:
I'm in a great mood!
My early night turned into three hours of conscious dreaming... Well I'll be nice and tires tomorrow! (:
Early night tonniiiggghhhhhtttt! (:
So all I need is $1500 to get to the UK. I'm cool with that, I have a grand (:
Doing Lego House for Showcase at schooool! @edsheeran
I swear if I had to choose between water and apple juice I'd go absolutely nuts.
My favorite kind of lunch is a lettuce and cheese sandwich. (:
I've been laying/sitting in bed for three hours and I don't wanna get up D:
I wish I was part cat! I'd love to have kitty ears! (:
I'd go for a personal stylist as a career but I would want it in my own style, not theirs. So its probably a bad idea to choose that xD