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When I get to where I need to be I'll tweet a lot (:
Not many people tweet really D:
Lack of sleep is certainly not good!
The friends icon at the top of my Twitter app looks a whole lot like the Facebook one (:
England is going to be great :D
How is it possible to wake up tired?!
I had a good movie night, four movies and now I'm nackered (((:
Imagine it, Maxerbell! :D
Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure... Third movie in a row :D
It could have been much easier if Peter just told Harry it was his dad...
Little Miss Chatterbox is my favorite :D
Ahhhhh dinner is still half an hour away! D:
I want some marvel comics but I need a job first...
Got new pencils and a new (pink!) sketch book (: I think I'll draw spider man first :D
I'm gonna play around with my make up later...just cause I can :D
Time to watch Spiderman agaaiiiinnnn! (:
I have a new home page here - check me out!
Its cool cause I wasn't nervous but I'm expecting a looooowwwwww mark. I'm crappy at speeches!
Speech in five. Wish mere luucckkkkk
I tried not too but screenshotting is so damn tempting when there is something funny to post (: x
I did my speech, and I also have to write an essay in class for art tomorrow too. Yeah, I have no idea what its about ):