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music comedy jokes drake 1,977 followers
#wcw her hair tho 😩😍 @ibellapeschardt
i would put shorty as my wcw but idk her lol I ain't tryna scare her 😕
my 6th prd teacher is so dramatic 😑
LMFAO “@alexsussss: they look like the wiggles
@TinaaGoldx3: I like being alone”
eventually no ones gonna take you serious
having a room to myself has it's downsides too tho...
I never even ask u shit
@sexxmitchell: hate when you say something and people snap, bitch if u didn't like it either address it in a mature manner or suck it up.✋”
lmao jenyce looks like a happy lil baby in that pic smiling nshit
@imjust_alex: When Hoe's Get Mad I Be Like......
lol my mom gets mad at the pettiest things
smh people snap for no reason dude whatever
i like @shaymitch's the best 😏@ABCFplll: RT if you love the#PLLGownss!”
lmao pitbull speaks spanish whether you understand or not, he dgaf 😂
I hate when niggas think it's cute to fail on purpose bc "they dgaf" how you got 4 honors classes with str8 F's on ur report card. 😒✋
if my niggas don't fuck with you I don't fuck with you
lol don't be a hypocrite
you all about her and she all about hers
i love it when they come and go
lord of the sad and lonely