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Little, Brown and Co
Great discussion on likeable but dislikable characters. Why must we like the main character of the book? It's not the point? #bookclubbrunch
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"I'm always stunned by the idea of a writer not reading while writing." - @EdanL #bookclubbrunch
"I love the daydreaming part of writing that happens before you actually start writing." - @EdanL #bookclubbrunch
I wanted to write a bestseller, and the best way to do that is to write about a dentist - Josh Ferris #bookclubbrunch
"For every hour's worth of writing I do, I get an hour's worth of dividends." - Joshua Ferris #bookclubbrunch
The beginning of the published book is never the beginning of what you're writing. - Joshua Ferris #bookclubbrunch
Thoroughly enjoying the narrative nonfiction panel at Hachette's #bookclubbrunch β˜ΊπŸ“š.
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"How did you do it?" - the one question Maureen Corrigan would ask F. Scott Fitzgerald about Gatsby #bookclubbrunch
"Telling stories is a way that I've learned to talk about literature." -Maureen Corrigan #bookclubbrunch
"Stories are an underappreciated way to get science across. That's how the brain works: it learns through stories" @sam_kean #bookclubbrunch
"With all my books I try to emphasize stories that explain how science works." - @sam_kean #bookclubbrunch
"The more I read about emotions, the more I saw how connected emotions are to reasoning" - @sam_kean #bookclubbrunch
"Gatsby's conquered the world. If you want to know about America, you read Gatsby." -Maureen Corrigan #bookclubbrunch
"It's about as close to perfect as a novel can be" -Maureen Corrigan on "The Great Gatsby" #bookclubbrunch
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"Gatsby is the Sistine Chapel of literature in 180 pages." -Maureen Corrigan #bookclubbrunch
"It got me to think about how my own brain works. I started diagnosing myself with different things." - @sam_kean #bookclubbrunch
"Pocket-sized armed services editions were distributed during WWII. This reintroduced Gatsby to America" -M. Corrigan #bookclubbrunch
"I thought: you could learn a lot about how the brain works from different injuries." - @sam_kean on The Tale of the Dueling Neurosurgeons
Maureen Corrigan, "If there's any book that unites us as Americans, it's The Great Gatsby" #bookclubbrunch
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"There's so many stories, I could write another book about Gatsby and Fitzgerald." -Maureen Corrigan #bookclubbrunch
"Gatsby to me is the central book" - Maureen Corrigan at #bookclubbrunch
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Narrative nonfiction panel: @sam_kean, Deb Futter (moderator), Maureen Corrigan & Barbara Ehrenreich #bookclubbrunch
"When we acquire books, we ask: can we have a conversation about this book? It's kind of like a book club." -Judy Clain#bookclubbrunch
"Gut reaction is really important. I want to be overwhelmed by the first sentence." - @jlparsley #bookclubbrunch
"I'm looking to be as entertained by nonfiction as I am by a novel." - @jlparsley #bookclubbrunch
#NYC! Head to @UnSqGreenmarket from 11-2 today and get a copy of THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE signed by @KarenAndAndrew! & buy vegetables.
.@EveningStandard names Donna Tartt one of London's most influential people!
An early nod for #TheSecretGame by Scott Ellsworth ("clearly the man for the job"!), coming in March!
Get #WhatTheDinosDid before the other dinosaurs on your block! Preorder & we'll invite you to an exclusive webcast:
Tomorrow at the @HachetteUS Book Club brunch, our own @reaganart will moderate a panel w/ @EdanL and Joshua Ferris!
Goodbye Park Avenue! Starting Monday, you can find us on Avenue of the Americas! #LBOfficeMove
Harry L. Katz, co-author of MARK TWAIN'S AMERICA, weighs in on the best Twain books:
Tonight at @rjjulia, the fabulous Maureen Corrigan will be talking #Gatsby and SO WE READ ON:
Read an excerpt of #DeathofaKing at @ABC News, and don't miss @tavissmiley on @ThisWeekABC this Sunday!
THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE + @UnSqGreenmarket - talk about flavor affinities! @KarenAndAndrew will be there tmrw:
They Will Rise Again At an Indecent Hour #SpookierBooks
What Are You Doing, Bernadette? No! #SpookierBooks
When the network says no, will the president say yes? @cinemablend with a gem from LIVE FROM NEW YORK: #LFNY2014 #SNL
Plants have protein too! THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE reveals all... #VegFlavorBible @KarenAndAndrew
@KarenAndAndrew Vegetarian Flavor Bible. If anything like its predecessor, I won't be able to put it down.
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