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I'm in class and all that is on my mind is home and food.
This class flows...
How come I can see emojis on my school's desktop?
Locked my tweets...
I have some homework to do. Nothing to stress over. 🙏
They lurking with no eyelids. 👀🙈😑
I'm no magician, but I have a few trucks under my sleeve.
Don't think you're off the radar.
Redheads are ugly.
You may never understand some things.
My sister a beast got bitches scared to come on the block. Lmaooo
You not even 18 and you got stretch mark on your boobs and looks like you had quintuplets. #CocoaBUTTAAAA
T is gonna demolish this girl.
Party tonight with Debra. 😜😜😜😝😁
If you're going to subtweet make it more direct and don't delete the rubbish you tweeted. #BadHygiene #HoneyBooBooMama #LongAssBananaFace
Cracked my phone. Gotta get it fixed in 2 weeks. #FuckedUpAndDroppedit
#QuestionForFollowers.....Would you rather have your kid smoke weed or fuck Charlie's Angels plus Tom, Dick and Harry?
On my way to class.
I don't understand dusty ass relationships where you both don't do nothing but chill in the house all day.
I always get the last laugh.
Your opinion isn't relevant.