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Lisa Kudrow
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I was incredibly moved by the bulk of suffering that the pioneer people endured with little fanfare and no self-pity. #WDYTYA
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I was impressed with the family's bravery and pioneer spirit--the losses they suffered and the triumph of fulfilling a dream. #WDYTYA
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This account is of HIS family's journey on Oregon trail! It is an extraordinary find.
How do you walk over the mountains? With all those kids?
Ellis’ path was not easy and he could not summon the courage to fight his disease. #WDYTYA
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Ellis was obviously a deeply flawed young man who also suffered great loss in his life. #WDYTYA
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They actually used to write "bad" character in the Marines back then.
I see a whirlwind romance with Ellis and a sad end to their marriage. #WDYTYA
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I think of Genevieve and I envision her as a young woman, a little wild and possibly rebellious. #WDYTYA
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I was on a mission to discover a side of my Grandmother's past that was never known to me. #WDYTYA
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He's never heard his ggrandmother's name.
"History repeating..."
Revisit the latest #WDYTYA stories before tomorrow night's new episode featuring Kelsey Grammer!
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Enjoy the episode everyone. It's a GOOOD one!
Thank you @Wolfiesmom and @WolfVanHalen and Valerie's mom and dad! Thank you for letting us see how your ancestors experienced history.
Next week is GOOD too. Kelsey Grammer.
That's her ANCESTOR!!
This really is an incredible journey.
Maybe this story is why they didn't talk about their past? Always a story VB @Wolfiesmom is lucky to find the stories.
Cute that Wolfie wants to know if they have a family crest.
Valerie Bertinelli @Wolfiesmom is on #wdytya now on east coast @TLC Soo good