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my new night light. 😍
Cindy's the real mvp.
waited 30 min at @Hardees for 2 hot ham & cheese, got one cold ham & cheese and a double cheeseburger. tf? how did y'all screw that up?
somebody needs to come build a skeleton with me.
first psl of the season. πŸ’™
bitch destroyed my headphones and now she wants to lay with me. πŸ˜’
this mocha is on point. 😍 i'm gonna need for the McDonald's back home to get their shit together.
these fuckers wanna judge me because i like to play in the sand. βœ‹
my mommy bought me a light saber. #yasssss
who knew billy bob could sing? #vabeach #americanmusicfestival
she makes the best faces when she's excited. πŸ’–
guess i'm a trojan fan, but just for tonight.
why is it always the side of the headphones with the microphone that breaks first?
really @Samsungtweets ? first my charger breaks and now my headphones stop working. thought y'all were better than this. guess not.
paid for a tall, got a venti. 😍
thanks @Starbucks for making me wait almost 25 minutes for a nasty ass mocha. I don't know what she did to this, but it's disgusting. πŸ˜’
yaaaaaaas. πŸ’–
haven't even had this s6 edge three months yet, and the charger's already broken. wtf @Samsungtweets thought you were better than this.
i was wondering what was poking me. thanks bella. πŸ˜’
watching #leahtlc shit is hilarious. πŸ˜‚
i swear whenever i order something from @tacobell without lettuce, they always throw a piece in there just to fuck with me. πŸ˜’
better battery life my ass. #galaxys6edge
first time i've ever been disappointed in @SamsungMobile
i am so unimpressed with this Samsung galaxy s6 edge, if i could afford the restocking fee and the note 4, this pos would already be gone.πŸ˜’
Who's watching @KimofQueens with me tonight at 10pm est? My friend @LanceBass is on! #KimOfQueens @DirtyPopLive
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so glad @lifetimetv FINALLY decided to air the remaining episodes of @KimofQueens !
downloaded a bunch of apps on my tablet so i could catch up on my shows and i can't use any of them because i have @dish 😑 fml!
I love how these commercials load faster and are of better quality than the actual shows on the @FOXNOW app. wtf?
yeah. she's insane.
i'm in love with this fabric. 😍
she scared the hell out of me. πŸ˜‘
clearly i'm allergic to carley's hamster. πŸ˜‘
β€œYour mother did not raise you with a wolf in your chest so you could howl over losing a man.”
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UPDATE: internet guy left saying internet would work in 10 mins but it doesn't & now @TWC says oops. GREAT START GUYS I HATE EVERYONE
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still pissed that they canceled @NBCBadJudge πŸ˜’
it's freezing. glad i got emma to keep me warm. πŸ’œ
somebody thinks she's sleeping with me tonight.
somebody's not too happy with me.
screw @OriginInsider my sims 4 download was 94% complete and now it's 68% now i gotta wait another six hours... πŸ˜’
just finished morganville: the series. so good. i need season 2, now! @GeekandSundry
he loves his fishy.
he's the best.
we're friends today. πŸ’š

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